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The Saboteur (2009/ENG/RUS)

The Saboteur
Language: English
Year: 2009 | PC | Developer: Pandemic Studios | Size: 2.79 Gb
Genre: Action/3D/3rd Person/Stealth

Unlike most games of similar subjects, Saboteur will offer players a completely open world (GTA-style). Gameplay will combine elements from first-person shooter and stealth elements. You as a member of the French the French La Resistance will have to make various territories under the Nazis.
Pandemic Studios invites you to play the role of commandos in the game with a new generation of open world, combining elements of adventure and action. Otomstite for the death of their loved ones, their vyslediv killers in Nazi-occupied Paris. You'll fight, climb, and drive. This is the first game, in which the user has to tackle sabotage in styled Paris 1940s, where women are beautiful, great feats and retaliation is inevitable.

Your hero-Irishman, racing mechanic-Sean Devlin, tries to take revenge on the Nazi officer who has it all. Hour of reckoning! With the help of the French resistance and British intelligence, armed with an impressive variety of weapons and calling for help savvy and force the muscles you'll get the whole your life, perekorezivs. Now the Nazis waiting for a well-organized sabotage: blasted dirigibles fired derail a train damaged bridges, a black heavy tanks and unavoidable loss in strength-your revenge would be cruel and efficient.

The Saboteur (2009/ENG/RUS)

The Saboteur (2009/ENG/RUS)

The Saboteur (2009/ENG/RUS)

System requirements
Operating system: XP/Vista/7
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8 GHz or AMD Athlon x 2 dual-Core 5200 +
RAM: 2 GB (Windows XP)/2 GB (Windows Vista)
Hard disk space: 8 GB
Audio device: was compatible with DirectX
Video card: compatible with Direct X 9.0 c or 10/512 MB

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