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Autor: Soni
Data: 11 Grudzień 2010
Kategoria: GRY » Gry na PC

The Polynomial v1.0.u6 (by Dmytry Lavrov)

PC | English | 63 Mb

The Polynomial is a 3D spaceflight music game with abstract, mathematically generated scenery and models which are set to the music of your choice. You fly around in a very strange universe, shoot the enemies, meet and protect the friends, collect bonuses, fly through wormholes, and so on, all while rocking out to the music.
You can play the music supplied with the game or build a playlist of your own songs; you can even use microphone as music source. The music animation is highly configurable with multiple visualization types.
If shooting up stuff is not your thing, maybe you'll like using it in editor mode to create unique fractal artwork. Or you can set the difficulty to none and concentrate on all the non-killing action and enjoying the beauty.
The Polynomial features an innovative scoring system. Scoring is based on continuously timed counts of your actions in the past 1, 5, 20, and 60 minutes of your play, as well as on how much you can do in the space of one lifetime without being killed. If you are playing for the score and you screw up early, you can just keep on playing – thanks to the unique continuous scoring. All of the timed counts are running simultaneously and your scores are constantly updated.
There are multiple scoreboards for different types of action, as well as a combined score which rewards you for balanced play. Conversely, if you just like flying around and don't like shooting, you can try top the scoring in just the flowers you have collected or wormholes you passed through – and if you think you are very bad at this game, you can try to get the high score in number of deaths

The Polynomial v1.0.u6 (by Dmytry Lavrov)The Polynomial v1.0.u6 (by Dmytry Lavrov)
The Polynomial v1.0.u6 (by Dmytry Lavrov)

• Dynamic universe set to music of your choice or microphone input.
• Unique 3D graphics and effects.
• Highly configurable visuals, music, and image post-processing.
• Full featured editable music playlist.
• Anaglyph, side by side, and interlaced stereo 3D modes.
• Joystick support.
• Built in arena generator and editor.
• 35 hand-picked arenas.
• Several music visualizers to choose from.
• Innovative scoring function.

• Fixed some issues with in-game text rendering and other game objects.

System Requirements:
• Windows XP/Vista/7
• 1.5 GHz
• 512 MB RAM

Download "The Polynomial v1.0.u6 (by Dmytry Lavrov)" :
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