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[PC] Riven:The Sequel to Myst - ENG

[PC] Riven:The Sequel to Myst - ENG | 1,65 GB

Riven's story continues where that of Myst—and its companion novel, Myst: The Book of Atrus—left off. The player assumes the role of the Stranger, the protagonist of the first game and friend of Atrus. Atrus is the creator of books that serve as links to other worlds, known as "Ages"; the ability to write these books is known as the "Art". Atrus needs the Stranger's help to free his wife, Catherine, who is trapped on the slowly collapsing Age of Riven by his unhinged father, Gehn.

Atrus and Catherine had previously trapped Gehn on Riven by removing all linking books from that Age; the very last book to be removed, linking to the island of Myst, was the one they held to escape Riven. Atrus hoped it would be destroyed; however, it fell into the star fissure, a void leading out of the reality of the damaged Age of Riven and into unknown space. Catherine was later tricked into returning to Riven by her sons, and was captured by Gehn. Subsequently, the Stranger discovered the Myst book, sparking the events of Myst and, some time later, Riven.

At the beginning of Riven, Atrus equips the Stranger with a trap book—a snare that functions as a one-man prison, yet looks identical to a linking book—and his personal diary. This diary summarizes the history of events leading to the Stranger's present situation; Atrus cannot explain in depth, as he is engaged in rewriting a descriptive book of Riven, in an attempt to slow its deterioration. Also, he does not want to risk sending a real linking book to Riven until Gehn is safely imprisoned, in case his father should capture the book and use it to escape his confinement: the Stranger must enter the Age with no way of leaving.[11] Instructing the Stranger to capture Gehn in the trap book, find Catherine, and then signal him, Atrus holds out the link book that will transport the Stranger to Riven.

Once there, the Stranger travels across the islands of Riven, eventually finding Catherine in the company of Moiety, rebellious inhabitants of Riven. Gehn is fooled by the Stranger and trapped in the prison book.

Because of the decay of Riven's structure, the only way to clearly signal Atrus is to bring about a massive disturbance in the Age's stability—accomplished by reopening the star fissure, which Gehn had closed.

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