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Two Worlds II (PC) 2010 MULTI5

Two Worlds II (PC) 2010 MULTI5
Language of interface: English (ENG), German (GER), Italian (ITA), Spanish (SPA), French (FRA)
2010 | PC | Publishing house: TopWare Interactive | Developer: Reality Pump | 4.46 Gb
Genre: RPG (Rogue/Action)/3D/1st/3rd Person to person

Five years passed after dramatic events which brought Antalor around to the edge of a precipice. A protagonist is sharpened in the dungeon of gloomy lock, and his sister Kira is in the paws of dark, dull powerful ruler Gandohara invocation. An evil tries to wake up ancient force and take possession Antalor, and a hero can resist to dark magic ... However when despair attained a limit, a hope appeared: to the greatest surprise of hero, his sworn enemies of Orcs free him from shackles. There are more questions than answers. Why did the orcs help him?

Who is such Queen of dragons? Is it possible to trust her? So a dangerous trip begins on earth, desecrated by darkness. Only clashing up against enemies, a hero will be able to throw light on the past of Gandohara, to find a method to win over a mighty magician and save Kira, and-and the whole world.

System requirements:
- Operating system Windows Vista/7
- The processor of Intel/AMD multicore processor with a clock rate 2.6 GHz
- Video card of the Radeon HD 2900/GeForce 8800 GTX
- 4 GB of main memory
- 8 GB of available space on a hard disk
- 5.1 Sound card
- Device for reading of DVD
- Keyboard and mouse, or gamepad Xbox 360 for Windows

Two Worlds II (PC) 2010 MULTI5

Two Worlds II (PC) 2010 MULTI5

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