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[PC] Myst V End of Ages + Patch - ENG

[PC] Myst V End of Ages + Patch - ENG | 1,65 GB

The game begins as the player responds to a letter from a despondent Atrus. Atrus is a writer of special volumes called linking books, which serve as portals or links to worlds known as Ages. A linking book to the Age of Myst, the setting of the original game, lies sealed in the ruins of the ancient D'ni civilization. The D'ni had the ability to craft linking books, but their society crumbled from within;Atrus and his family have been trying to restore the D'ni people and created an Age for the survivors to live on, known as Releeshan.

- Easy Point-and-Click Interface
Easily explore vast 3D worlds with just a click of the mouse.
- Innovative Slate System
Interact like never before with the environment – a dynamic new slate interface lets you communicate with mysterious creatures and manipulate the world around you.The first new gameplay element ever introduced in the Myst series.
- Richer game environments
The critically acclaimed creators of the Myst franchise raise the bar yet again with new photo realistic worlds ripe with life, weather, movement and mystery.
- Pioneering Cinematic Technology
Innovative facial mapping technology, “face over”, brings characters alive with unprecedented emotions and expressiveness

Patching Read ME
Follow to the T >>>>>>>APPDATA/LOCAL<<<<<<<
Getting Myst V to work on Vista Service Pack

Before you follow this instructions, you should have installed Myst V with the dvd-rom.

Copy the folder in the zip file (Myst V End of Ages) to:

That's it! Myst V should now start up properly.

(If you can't find the folder, remember that AppData is a hidden directory.

Turn on hidden files, or enter the folder path directly into the address bar of Windows Explorer.)

If you like this game,please buy it license version!support developers;)

[PC] Myst V End of Ages + Patch - ENG

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