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[PC] Sacred 2 Gold Edition v2.65.1 - ENG

[PC] Sacred 2 Gold Edition v2.65.1 - ENG | 13,1 GB

Sacred 2: Gold Edition is a Compilation game, it has Sacred 2: Fallen Angel and the expansion Sacred 2: Ice and Blood.

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel

Contorted and twisted, honorable and valiant, heroism has many faces. In a time where hopes and dreams rest upon the mighty and the powerful, the energistic magic of the Priesthood continues to sap and destroy, leaving decay in its wake. Choose from 6 characters and journey alone or with friends in the seamless 3D world. Both good and evil quests await you.
- A huge, seamless and dynamic world that allows for free-form exploration
- Two campaigns: play as the "Light" or "Shadow" side, each complete with specific skills, rewards, and story elements tailored to the chosen path
- Six exceptional, playable characters, each with distinct looks, capabilities, and in-game motivation
- Modifiable combat arts: change and upgrade your character's combat skills as you make choices throughout the game
- Fight effectively from the back of a special mount or horse under your control
- Deities offer unique combat disciplines to players
- The ultimate multiplayer experience: seamless transition between single- and multiplayer gaming modes
- Captivating online modes of play challenge gamers in cooperative and PvP play
- Extraordinary, cutting-edge graphics utilize the latest technologies

Sacred 2: Ice and Blood

With "Ice and Blood", Sacred and action RPG fans can look forward to an elaborate new development with numerous new features, promising many additional hours of exciting gaming fun, and adding to the value and replayability of the original game. The expansion introduces the Dragon mage, an additional main character, as well as interesting quests and stories that whisk the player away to new adventures in Ancaria. Moreover, the add-on contains two new, unique locations and previously unknown enemies, who will challenge action RPG gamers with unique tactics of their own. Add to that new in-game items for each main character of "Sacred - Fallen Angel", and plenty more useful, innovative features. "Ice and Blood" requires an installation of the original game.
- 2 new regions - The blood-soaked Cursed Forest and the Crystal Region
- A new character - The Dragon Mage
- Character personalization - Choose one of 7 heroes which now include configurable appearances.
- Carrier Imp - The expansion allows all players who purchase it to summon the carrier imp which was only available before to those who had purchased the collector's edition of Sacred
- New enemies, items and end bosses - New, unique items for heroes, the powerful Crystal Phoenix, the magical eye, scarab and more.
- Two extra character creation slots.
- Over 30 hours of additional gaming in Ancaria
- Extras: The box contains a large map with the new regions of Ancaria

If you like this game,please buy it license version!support developers;)

[PC] Sacred 2 Gold Edition v2.65.1 - ENG

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