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Data: 17 Listopad 2010
Kategoria: GRY » Gry na PC

Crime Patrol 2: Drug Wars

Crime Patrol 2: Drug Wars
PC game | English | Genre: Shooting | 430 MB

Fight the War on Drugs yourself in Crime Patrol II: Drug Wars! Targeting the entire illegal drug distribution chain is a truly international war. Drug Wars will take you through it all from small town traffickers to big city organized cartels. You will be involved with the boarder patrol tracking international drug runners. If your shooting skills are good enough, you'll be assigned to South America to destroy the source and capture the drug king.


The seventh live-action shooting game released by American Laser Games hardly varies at all in gameplay from similar titles, such as Mad Dog McCree and The Last Bounty Hunter. Almost all possible choices are made by aiming the pistol the main character has at his disposal; this includes shooting enemies, reloading, selecting locations, options and pathways. When the player does not react in time and gets shot by a criminal, or happens to hit an innocent civilian, he or she loses a life, and is scolded, often sarcastically, by the partner assigned to the particular geographical location. The number of bullets in the gun's chamber is limited, but the weapon can be reloaded at any time.

In the PC version, decisions can be made by using a mouse or light gun, and several options, including a single save/load slot, are available.

Crime Patrol 2: Drug Wars





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