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The Last Bounty Hunter

The Last Bounty Hunter
PC game | Genre: Light Gun Shooter | 546 MB

Original arcade look and feel in every move: Based on the Arcade Smash Hit by American Laser games. The Territory has been overrun, and you’re the last hope to rid the town of the four vicious outlaws – Handsome Harry, Nasty Dan, El Loco and the Cactus Kid. You better be quick, ’cause they’re looking to get you too!

These crazy outlaws will lead you through the roughest areas of the Territory so be careful. There’ll be danger ’round every corner and shootouts with some of the fastest hands in the west so come on, use that gun!


* Using your six-shooter and shotgun, you'll go after the most dangerous men around - vicious hombres like Nasty Dan, El Loco, Handsome Harry, and The Cactus Kid
* Trail them as you follow a great Western story - and be quick to reload after you're out of bullets
* Stay alert at all times. you never know when someone will pull a gun on you. It could be a barkeep, a showgirl - anyone!
* Experience realistic Western action in real locales - actors and actresses bring a long-gone era to life
* You'll be challenged to a quick-draw by Wes Flowers, the fastest gun around - see if you can beat him to the steel

System Requirements

* Windows XP/2000/Me/98/95
* Pentium II 266 MHz
* 32 MB RAM or more
* 4X CD-ROM drive
* DirectX 8.0 compatible, SVGA video card capable of 16-bit color display
* DirectX 8.0 compatible 16-bit sound card
* Mouse or Light Gun

The Last Bounty Hunter

The Last Bounty Hunter

The Last Bounty Hunter




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