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Data: 17 Listopad 2010
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Nightmare On The Pacific: The Ship(2010/ENG/BETA)

Nightmare On The Pacific: The Ship(2010/ENG/BETA)
PC | ENG | 2010 | 193 MB
Genre: I am looking for adventure, puzzle

You are waiting for an exciting adventure at sea. Your ship is slowly sinking, and simply goes to the bottom. Can you crack all the puzzles and find keys to save your family from the ship's distress?
The Brooks family boards the Neptune hoping for a relaxing family vacation but they get more than they bargained for. Smashed by a hurricane, the ship is going down and only a few hours remain before all hope is lost. With the rescue mission aborted, the family separated by chaos, and seemingly insurmountable odds, their fate seems inevitable. Can you help them make it out alive?
Take a nail-biting journey through the doomed cruise liner and make it to safety. Search and rescue lost family members and others in 50 exciting scenes laden with danger. Find helpful items and overcome perilous obstacles as you explore the belly of the sinking ship. With a gorgeous cinematic presentation, a heroic quest, and an empowering situation, Nightmare on the Pacific will deliver an experience.
* Survive a ship-splitting calamity in this nail-biting Hidden Object thriller.
* Journey through a doomed cruise liner and rescue lost family members.
* Explore 50 exciting scenes laden with dangers.
* Find helpful items and overcome perilous obstacles.
* Experience a cinematic feast worthy of blockbuster disaster films.

System requirements:
CPU 1.0 GHz / RAM 512 MB / DirectX 8.0 or higher / Windows XP/Vista/7



FileSonic: Ship Nightmare on the pacific.part2.rar Ship Nightmare on the pacific.part1.rar

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