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Data: 16 Listopad 2010
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[PC] DogFighter v1.0.2.5 - ENG

[PC] DogFighter v1.0.2.5 - ENG | 400 MB

Dogfighter is a fast paced, arcade aerial combat game with arena style gameplay values. Players can do battle in single player, or compete against up to 7 players in multiplayer game modes, using beefed up biplanes sporting over 20 different offensive and defensive weapons.
Using a state-of-the-art flight model and controls, ensure that players will have unprecedented command of DogFighter's craft. Complete control of the craft, combined with easily executed advanced manoeuvres such as the Barrel Roll, give DogFighter players the tools they need to master the skies.

With environments built to both slay and save you, the environments in DogFighter offer the player a more interactive experience than is usual for the genre. Players can enjoy piloting their craft down mining tunnels, through pyramids and active volcanoes, in leves designed to deliver a more varied, more interactive gaming experience. Fly low, fly fast!

- Take to the skies against up to 7 players in classic multiplayer game modes such as Deathmatch and Capture the flag.
- Use several advanced server options to enable variations on the normal game modes by including the likes of Insta-Gib, Turbo Mode and Black Death.
- "Easy-to-fly" flight model with the controls you need to execute advanced manoeuvres such as Barrel Roll and Immelmann Turn
- Beautifully created environments that are as much a player in the game as the people piloting the craft.
- With seven unique craft and over 20 different weapons and defensive measures. DogFighter caters to all game play styles.

- [Added] "The Olds Gods"
- [Added] Tutorial Mode
- [Added] Mongoose Interceptor Aircraft
- [Added] Heavily commented server config file
- [Added] "News" MessageBox
- [Added] Tutorial code for HUD
- [Added] Chat messaging split by colours: light red/blue - chat to all, darker red/blue - team chat
- [Added] New messages including 'Double Kill', 'Multi-Kill', ' killed You', 'You killed a team-mate'
- [Added] Tutorial item into main menu
- [Added] Radar marks for offensive/defensive pickups, balloons and race-markers
- [Added] HUD commands for scripting - show/hide HUD parts
- [Added] Tutorial messages and pickups
- [Added] Integration of Mongoose and The Old Gods into Menu
- [Added] Tutorial messages relating to pickups
- [Added] TutorialExecuteAfter functionality
- [Added] Implemented QuitGame function and added into end of tutorial
- [Added] Tutorial off-screen indicator for active race-marker
- [Added] Tutorial leaderboard, hidden scoreboard, changed colors for tutorial radar pickups, added function for querying HUD messageBox visibility
- [Added] Message when flag can't be dropped because other team has the flag
- [Added] Localisation fallbacks to default translation file if locale not found
- [Added] Message of the Day
- [Added] Multi Kill messages
- [Added] +reset_input_settings option to ignore input settings file
- [Fixed] Changed physx scene init flags to be better compatible with default settings per platform
- [Changed] Updated to Steam SDK 1.11
- [Changed] Update to PhysX SDK
- [Changed] Logging for physx is always enabled in the NXPhysXCreateSDK call
- [Changed] Create PhysX error message changed to reflect driverless installation and added error code to message box
- [Changed] Brackets health progress-bar shown just for enemies
- [Changed] CTF indicator colouring unified when flag stolen, indicator shown also for enemy flag
- [Changed] Removed some debug messages

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