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[PC] Myst Uru Total Chronicles - ENG

[PC] Myst Uru Total Chronicles - ENG | 2 GB

Magnificent Adventures, finishing by itself history of MYST.Possibly, to underline a clear synonymous parallel between Myst & Uru - his authors were necessary yet more to distinguish the word of Myst in heading.It remains faithful this idea and new game.Developers exposed to her the careful analysis history of genre in search of untapped motions, capable to improve this genre. To the game also added two : To D'ni and The Path of the Shell.10000 more than back in the caves of south part of North America the empire of civilization found the refuge Days. Due to this handicraft they created "Books of moving". These manuscripts allowed people to move between the worlds which they named by "Epochs". People Days prospered thousands of years, but once a catastrophe happened fully pranging their world. Their underground dwelling was fully devastated, and all Books, and accordingly Epochs, were lost...

to our time. The command of researchers unexpectedly barged into tracks and remains of ancient civilization in the desert of the state Нью Mexico. They begin excavations and soon find out close connection with people Days. They decide transformed in a structure under the name "D' ni Restoration Council" (DRC) or "Advice of Renewal Days". Their aim to find and understand everything, in respect of this unstudied page in history of Earth. Some days ago DRC sent invitation to join their researches as an independent expert to you.

If you like this game,please buy it license version!support developers;)

[PC] Myst Uru Total Chronicles - ENG

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