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Dune 2000: Long Live for Fighters (1998/ENG/RIP)

Game Dune 2000 is a continuation of all your favorite sagas of Arakis planet and its inhabitants. The game is essentially a refinement Dune 2. In Dune 2000 is significantly improved graphics and control. Drawn again units, buildings, special effects. The graphics in high-level and very different from the graphics in the game Dune 2. If you are fond of stories about the planet Arakis, then you must play the game Dune 2000.Kak in Dune 2, there are three main playable factions - Atreides, Ordos and Harkonnen. There are also four non-playing sub-fractions: Corrino, Fremen, mercenaries and smugglers.

About game:

* Atreides *
Hailing from the water planet Caladan, his loyal Atreides Duke and follow his instructions. Duke also may enter into an alliance with the Fremen, the soldiers desert dunes. In military terms, Atreides - "golden mean". Color - blue.
* Harkonnen *
They are managed by Baron and his homeland planet Giedi. Harkonenny - the main opponents of the genus Atreides. In military affairs Harkonnen rely on military strength of its troops. Color - red.
* Ordos *
Ordos come from the cold, icy planet Sigma Draconis IV. The richness of Ordos, made the trade, made them paranoid. Unlike the other two houses, House Ordos is not mentioned in any of the novels Dune, however, Ordos mentioned in the non-canonical "Dune Encyclopedia". Ordos rely on surprise and mobility in military affairs. Color - green.
* Empire *
The troops of Emperor Shaddam Corrino IV on Dune. Similar Harkonnen troops, except the tank "spoiler" and the Palace Harkonnen, which development is impossible. Palace of the Emperor allows you to create an elite imperial infantry - Sardaukar. The company has always opposed the Emperor's troops to the player, regardless of his chosen faction. Color - purple.
* Mercenaries *
Of mercenaries in the game there is virtually no information. Probably, they are ready to fight for any of the parties for the money (though there are exceptions). The troops of mercenary troops completely analogous Ordos, however, mercenaries can not build a deviator. In the Ordos campaign mercenaries assist the player in the last three missions (but broken the alliance if the bear heavy losses) and, in the penultimate mission campaign Harkonnen mercenaries can force fight for the players, taking their plant of heavy machinery. The campaign Atreides mercenaries, hostile to the player, only appear in the fifth mission. Colour - yellow.
* Smugglers *
Probably, are producers of spices and illegal transfers of military equipment. In military terms, similar to mercenaries. In most missions, campaigns are neutral, engaged only in producing spices. However, in the fourth mission of the Ordos and the sixth for the Atreides from the smugglers, the opposing player, there is a full-featured database for military purposes. Color - brown.
* Freeman *
The indigenous people of Dune, the warriors of the desert. The campaign presented, as a rule, special infantry units - Freeman, similar recruits at the Palais des Atreides, but devoid of invisibility, and shelter free men in the mountains of Dune. Technologically, perhaps similar forces Atreides. Color - gray.

Dune 2000: Long Live for Fighters (1998/ENG/RIP)

Dune 2000: Long Live for Fighters (1998/ENG/RIP)

Dune 2000: Long Live for Fighters (1998/ENG/RIP)

Title: Dune 2000: Long Live for Fighters (1998/ENG/RIP)
Year: 1998
Genre: RTS (Real-Time Strategy)
Developer: Westwood
Platform: PC

Language: English
Publication Type: RIP
Crack: Not required
File Size: 120 mb
System requirements:
Minimum: CPU 133 MHz, 16 Mb, 8 Mb Video
Recommended: CPU 133 MHz, 32 Mb, 16 Mb Video

Download Dune 2000: Long Live for Fighters (1998/ENG/RIP):

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