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Data: 17 Lipiec 2012
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HyperSnap 7.17.00

HyperSnap 7.17.00 | 11.1 Mb

HyperSnap - a tool for capturing images, which allows to copy not only the standard windows programs, but also games, screensavers and video. Use HyperSnap-DX, you can make a screenshot of the monitor screen, part of it, some windows programs (with or without the cursor), games and screensavers (running in DirectX and 3Dfx Glide), video-and DVD-movies and save it in one of more than 20 formats, including BMP, GIF and JPEG. HyperSnap is able to shoot pages of documents in the application windows, even if they do not fit on the screen. In addition, the program allows you to capture editable text (plain or with formatting) to any point of the screen, even where the copy is not provided. Copy the text is on the same principle as the copying of the graphics area - the user must draw a rectangle around the text, which he wishes to capture. Among other features - editing and GIF-JPEG-files, create screenshots automatically at specified intervals, preview, print images, etc. The program is highly configurable and has a convenient interface.

Key features:
- Technology ŤTextSnapť - capture text for editing, even in cases where the usual copy functions do not work (there are problems with the Cyrillic alphabet)
- Tools for capturing, editing and manipulating images
- Support for three games DirectX, OpenGL and Glide
- The ability to add images to stamps, watermarks, additional frames, shadows, and file uploading to FTP
- Automatic color substitution
- The ability to capture frames from the non-rectangular windows programs
- Image capture with hotkeys
- Automatic scrolling of pages, in cases where they do not fit on the screen
- Integration with the Windows clipboard for easy insertion of images into any application
- Automatic saving staff in various file formats
- An integrated component of an image viewer and converter for 20 different formats
- Customizable user interface

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