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Data: 14 Lipiec 2012
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easyHDR PRO 2.21.2

easyHDR PRO 2.21.2 | 9.63 Mb

easyHDR Pro allows you to create HDRI from TIF, JPG, and BMP-files, open format of Radiance, align the source images, perform tonal compression. If you change the setting of the next program does not calculate the tonal compression throws, you just need to click Preview. Calculations can always ostanovit.Chtoby work went quickly, you can select only part of the image for which will be shown the result of tonal compression. Allows you to mark the cut light and dark areas. Very good program with easy interface and many options. More flexible than Photoshop, tone mapped results look more natural than Photomatix.

blend a sequence of photos taken at different exposure values into a High Dynamic Range (HDR) image
tone map HDR image into an 8-bit per channel REALISTIC looking result that can be displayed on computer screen or printed
align the input photos using manual-alignment feature (compensates for shift, scale, rotation and PERSPECTIVE) or...
use auto-alignment feature, that compensates for shift as well as rotation
adjust tone curve shape to fine-tune the contrast
do post processing on the tone mapped result without any quantization losses - on floating point data (blur, sharpening, noise reduction, white balance, color tone adjust)
convert and tone map RAW images from your digital camera
load BMP, JPEG, 24/48/96-bit TIFF, FITS and Radiance RGBE file formats
save as BMP, JPEG (without loosing EXIF headers), 24/48-bit TIFF or Radiance RGBE (.hdr)
use batch processing option to automatically process tens of image sets without any user interaction
language versions: English, polski, Espanol, Deutsch, Francais, Italiano, Portugues & Brazilian

Changes in easyHDR PRO 2.21.2:
New, Slovak translation,
Faster Sample/Target balance tool,
Lower memory usage, when color management is used,
Lower memory usage, when "photo before processing" view is used,
Lower memory usage in case of noise filtering at HDR generaion step,
DCRAW updated to version 9.16,
Option to disable automatic open dialog execution when "New" is pressed (see misc in Program Options).
Corrected bugs
Fixed: the generated HDR image was erased and not forced to be regenerated when chromatic aberration correction was cancelled.

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