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Legend of the Seeker (2008)

Legend of the Seeker |DVDRIP| 400 MB

The series "Legend of the Seeker» ("Legend of the Seeker") is based on the first novel by Terry Goodkind from the series "The Sword of Truth» («Sword of Truth») - «Wizard's First Rule» (Wizards First Rule). This book was published in 1994, since Terry Goodkind's novels have been translated into 20 languages.
Sam Raimie will serve as executive producer of the picture, not the director. Sam Raimie calls Terry Goodkind author of the brilliant and calls himself a fan of his novels that he read, he said, "the whole family. Studios ABC Studios and Disney plans to remove 22 episodes series.
"Only yesterday the young Richard Cypher was just a forest guide, but now he fell to the lot of hard lot Seeker of Truth. Heavy, because magic does not bring happiness, but for the truth, as well as for power, have paid dearly. The heavy - for the seeker of truth must come with the greatest of black magicians of the three kingdoms, a ruthless Darkenom Ralom, the lord of Dhar, a deadly fight ... "

Legend of the Seeker (2008)
Legend of the Seeker (2008)

Original title: Legend of the Seeker
Released: 2008
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Drama
Director: Jesse Warn, Michael Hurst, Jonathan Brough, etc.
Cast: Craig Horner, Bridget Regan, Bruce Spence, Jay Lagaaia, Craig Parker, Ben Fransham, David de Lautour, Renato Bartolomei, Tania Nolan, and others

Released: U.S.
Duration: 22 x ~ 00:43:00
Format: AVI (XviD)
Quality: DVDRip
Video: ~ 980 kb / s, 624x352

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