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Gangland The Complete Season One DVDRip XviD - SiNK

Gangland The Complete Season One
2010 | DVDRip | XviD

Extraordinary access thrusts you deep into the deadly world of gangs... and law enforcement's desperate fight against their increasing influence. Get all 13 episodes from the premiere season!

* Discover the rich and bloody history of gangs in America, from the Colonies to the present.
* This set contains all 13 episodes of GANGLAND Season 1, plus incredible bonus materials.
* HISTORYŽ ventures deep into uncharted regions of the criminal underworld.

Go where few dare to go with GANGLAND. Episode after episode, infiltrate the most dangerous territory in the world, shockingly close to home!

GANGLAND boldly shines a light on the darkest corners of America, where criminals live by their own laws and brutality reigns. Literally billions of dollars — and tens of thousands of lives — pass through the vast gang network, which effectively forms a
shadow economy rivaling a small nation's.

Unprecedented access to the inner workings of America's most feared gangs, coupled with incisive historical analysis and conversations with law enforcement specialists, paints the most accurate and compelling portrait of GANGLAND on television. You can't get closer to the truth of America's gangs without getting "jumped-in!"

Season 1 reveals the deadly history and identifiers — the rituals, symbols, territory, leadership and favored crimes — of 13 notorious gangs, from the heroin kingpins of Harlem to today's most insidious group, the terrifying MS-13. From urban battle grounds to suburban back yards these highly structured and lethal organizations infect every level of society and are a pressing and little-understood threat to our communities.

Get close, but not too close, to America's criminal underworld with the complete Season 1 of GANGLAND!

101 - American Gangster ~ [Frank Lucas & Nicky Barnes]
102 - You Rat,You Die ~ [Mara Salvatrucha]
103 - Code of Conduct ~ [Mexican Mafia]
104 - Behind Enemy Lines ~ [Hells Angels MC]
105 - Race Wars ~ [Bloods, Crips & Surenos ]
106 - Kings of New York ~ [Almighty Latin King & Queen Nation of New York]
107 - Stone to the Bone ~ [Almighty Black P. Stone Nation]
108 - Hate Nation ~ [White Aryan Resistance, Hammerskins]
109 - Gangster City ~ [Gangster Disciples]
110 - Blood In, Blood Out ~ [Nuestra Familia]
111 - Basic Training ~ [Gang Members in the Military]
112 - Blood Oath ~ [United Blood Nation]
113 - Root of All Evil ~ [Mara Salvatrucha of Los Angeles]

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