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Data: 27 Grudzień 2010
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Beneath the Blue  BluRay 720p

Beneath the Blue 2010 720p BluRay x264-aAF
2010 | BluRay | 4.6 GB
Genre: Drama

Alice Harker, 18-year-old girl, a researcher of dolphins that works together with his father Hawk — well-known scientists. It with adults and a little mysterious tourist Craig bound romance. But the heart of Alice is broken when it turns out that Craig has a double game. He is an officer of the United States NAVY, and partiCENZURAtes in the mission, which threatens research cent and wild dolphins, one of which, RASCOM, Alice powerful communications.

Espionage, conspiracy, kidnapping, cemetery dead dolphins and whales near the United States NAVY submarine Sonar testing ... Alice and Hawk together are trying to save and preserve wild dolphin Rusk and other marine mammals, while Craig faces difficult moral dilemmas that will make its choice, once and for all.

Beneath the Blue  BluRay 720p

Beneath the Blue 2010 720p BluRay x264-aAF

RELEASE DATE........: 2010.12.25
GENRE ..............: Drama
VIDEO BITRATE.......: 5255 kbps
VIDEO RESOLUTION....: 1280x720
AUDIO FORMAT........: DTS English
VIDEO LENGTH........: 93 minutes
SIZE ...............: DVD5
SUBTiTLES...........: No

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