Data: 23 Listopad 2010
Kategoria: FILMY » Zagraniczne

Gallants 2010 DVDRip

Gallants | 2010 | DVDRip | 98 min | 730 MB

Cheung (Wong Yau Nam) used to be a tough bully as a kid, but he’s now an adult stuck in a miserable real estate job. For his latest task, he’s sent to help the buyout of a rural village for redevelopment. The only place left that hasn’t agreed to the deal is Law’s Teahouse, run by old martial artists Dragon (Chen Kuan Tai) and Tiger (Bruce Leung). The two remain at the former martial arts school with their loyal assistant Kwai (JJ Jia) to dutifully tend to their teacher Master Law (Teddy Robin), who’s been in a coma for decades. Instead of working with the company-hired thugs – led by old childhood victim Mang (MC Jin) – to take the teahouse, Cheung asks the two masters to teach him martial arts so he can get his groove back. Just before Dragon and Tiger can send Cheung away, Master Law suddenly wakes up and mistakes Cheung for his disciple. The Law Martial Arts School is suddenly revived with Master Law on top, and a fight to save it is about to begin.

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