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UFO Hunters Season 1-3 Complete

UFO Hunters Season 1-3 Complete
HDTV Xvid | AVI | English | 39x45min | 13.3GB | 624x352 | Xvid | MP3
Genre: Documentary

The show follows numerous forensic investigations (referred to as "cases" in the beginning
of each episode) led by William J. Birnes and his team of experts: researcher and scuba
diver Pat Uskert, mechanical engineer and MIT researcher Ted Acworth, and investigative
biologist Jeff Tomlinson. In the second season, Tomlinson departed. In the third season,
Acworth was replaced by mechanical engineer Kevin Cook.

In each episode, the team investigates reports of unidentified aerial phenomena in which
they interview witnesses of close encounters with UFOs, USOs, and supposed extraterrestrial
life. They also analyze any evidence collected such as photographs, video, or recovered
physical material. They also conduct research with other investigators and scientists in
the field in an attempt to find conclusive evidence that a report is real or a hoax. The
show also investigates long-standing UFO cases such as the Roswell, New Mexico UFO crash
incident and other famous sightings throughout history.

Season 1:-


Season 2:-

UFO Hunters S02E01 (Invasion Illinois)
UFO Hunters S02E02 (UFO Emergency)
UFO Hunters S02E03 (Heartland Explosion)
UFO Hunters S02E04 (Aurora Texas First Contact)
UFO Hunters S02E05 (The Real Roswell)
UFO Hunters S02E06 (Arizona Lights)
UFO Hunters S02E07 (The Lost UFO Files)
UFO Hunters S02E08 (Alien Fallout)
UFO Hunters S02E09 (UFO Storm)
UFO Hunters S02E10 (Giant UFOS)
UFO Hunters S02E11 (Aliens at the Airport)
UFO Hunters S02E12 (Alien Crashes)
UFO Hunters S02E13 (Area 51 Revealed)

Season 3:-

UFO Hunters S0301 - Giant Triangles
UFO Hunters S0302 - Underground Alien Bases
UFO Hunters S0303 - The Greys Conspiracy
UFO Hunters S0304 - Underwater Alien Bases
UFO Hunters S0305 - Nazi UFOs
UFO Hunters S0306 - Alien Harvest
UFO Hunters S0307 - UFO Relics
UFO Hunters S0308 - Underwater Area 51
UFO Hunters S0309 - UFO Surveillance
UFO Hunters S0310 - Dark Presence
UFO Hunters S0311 - First Response
UFO Hunters S0312 - The Silencers
UFO Hunters S0313 - Area 52

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