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Data: 18 Czerwiec 2011
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Steve Crowther - Combat Swordsmanship Using The Katana

Steve Crowther - Combat Swordsmanship Using The Katana
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Genre: Fighting | Martial Arts

A superlative Combat swordsmanship system using the Katana incorporating and selecting aspects of chosen martial arts unarmed and armed.
As with the majority of all martial arts there is a traditional fundamental basis, from which the style being taught has originated from or has developed into. At Kensei Kai, which translated means "the spirit of the sword", a variety of swordsmanship styles and systems have been incorporated using traditional and modified techniques using the Katana (Japanese long sword) to form a free flowing combat swordsmanship system blending Korean, Chinese, Filipino and Japanese stances and movements. Kensei Kai also uses applications found in other weapon disciplines, such as Tonfa, Bo and Sai.

The best way to understand the concept of Kensei Kai is simple. There are no rules engaging an enemy on a battlefield.

Once a student has walked through the door of the dojo, they are starting on a way that will hopefully enlighten their life, giving them inner strength, confidence and a greater understanding of life, to hopefully guide them into becoming better human beings giving respect to all others. The inner body, mind, spirit, technique and physical unity of movement must be unified into one without using thought.

Steve Crowther - Combat Swordsmanship Using The Katana

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