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Human Physiology: The Mechanisms of Body Function

Arthur Vander, James Sherman, Dorothy Luciano, "Human Physiology: The Mechanisms of Body Function"

McGraw Hill | 2001 | ISBN: 0072908017 | 800 pages | File type: PDF | 13,9 mb

Human Physiology is a text designed to teach the functions of the human body from a mechanistic approach, stressing homeostasis and
control systems. The fundamental purpose of this book has remained undeniably the same: to present the principles and facts of human
physiology in a format that is suitable for undergraduates regardless of academic background or field of study. Human Physiology,
eighth edition, carries on the tradition of clarity and accuracy, while refining and updating the content to meet the needs of today'
s instructors and students.

Mechanistic approach. Physiology is explained as a dynamic process of clearly defined chains of causal links. This approach prevents
students from viewing physiology as a memorizing exercise students must understand causal links and processes within the context of
homeostasis. This mirrors the experience they will have in the clinical setting.

Chapter Sections. Most text chapters are broken down into sections which contain their own pedagogy: key words, summaries, review
questions, thought questions. Gives more pedagogical support to individual topics within chapters. Breaks information into smaller
functional "chunks" which are better grasped by students.

Human Physiology: The Mechanisms of Body Function{

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