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[Mix] Target Bodybuilding

[Mix] Target Bodybuilding

Target Bodybuilding
Publisher: Human Kinetics Publishers 1998-11 | 153 Pages | PDF 15mb

se high-tech training for high-definition sculpting! In Target Bodybuilding, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans show which muscles are used most in a variety of bodybuilding exercises. 60 exercises are featured, including

• 11 biceps exercises to sculpt the front of the upper arm;
• 20 triceps exercises to develop the back of the upper arm;
• 19 thigh exercises to work knee extensors, knee flexors, and adductor muscles in the leg; and
• 10 lower leg exercises to build and define specific calf muscles.

Each exercise includes a description of the lift, photographs of correct start and finish lifting positions, an enlarged photo of a specific muscle group and body part with a line indicating the site of the MRI cross section, and a multishaded MRI scan showing the amount of activity in the muscles being used. Tesch includes tips for designing beginner, intermediate, and advanced targeted bodybuilding programs. This book allows you to see inside the body to pinpoint the muscles you want to develop and shows you which exercises to use to fine-tune your bodybuilding efforts.

Target Bodybuilding takes the guesswork out of your training program. By using MRI technology combined with high-level strength training methods you will be able to build and sculpt your body into perfect shape!

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