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Genealogy Online for Dummies

Genealogy Online for Dummies | ENG | PDF | 7 Mb
Researching your genealogy online can be a daunting undertaking--but it doesn't have to be. Genealogy Online For Dummies, 6th Edition takes you through the basic steps for researching and tracing your family's lineage in a clear, easy-to-understand manner. Plus, this newest edition offers the latest information on leveraging the potential of social networking sites in order to locate extended family members and uncover additional family history. You'll discover how to start your investigation, build a Web site for sharing your finds, identify sites that will be of the most use to you, get information from government records, preserve electronic materials, and more.

# Serves as a helpful starting point for beginning your investigation into your family's history
# Walks you through developing a plan for your research, using online and offline research techniques, and researching ethnic ancestry through international records
# Details how to create Web sites where family members can make contact or you can share your findings
# Looks at how to use social networking sites as a new portal for locating extended family members and acquiring additional family history
# Explains how to access domestic records for births, deaths, immigration, and more on both local and state levels
# Companion Web site features a vast collection of genealogical software tools and resources
Genealogy Online For Dummies, 6th Edition helps you branch out and achieve your genealogical goal!

ISBN: 0470916516
Publisher: For Dummies
Date: 2011-01-11
Pages: 408
Author: Matthew L. Helm, April Leigh Helm


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