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Data: 15 Styczeń 2011
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Photoshop Effects for Portrait Photographers

Photoshop Effects for Portrait Photographers

Want to offer your clients more to chose from? Here's how: award winning
photographer, Christopher Grey, has developed techniques to enhance portrait
photography, using the creative applications available in Photoshop. Photoshop
Effects for Portrait Photographers contains detailed explanations of how to
replicate many darkroom techniques with Photoshop (Dodging, Burning, Vignettes,
etc.) as well as camera and earlier technology techniques (Short Focus, High
Speed Film Grain, Hand Coloring, etc.). Grey has also developed almost two dozen
ways to replicate traditional painterly and illustrative techniques such as
Rough Charcoal Sketch, Wet Watercolor, Silkscreen, and Oil Chalk.

Table of Contents

A Short Course on Layer Masks; Traditional Photographic Techniques; Creative
Desaturation and Filtration; Organic Vignettes; Converting Color to Grayscale;
Short Focus; Short Focus (Light); Infrared Black and White; Cross Processing;
High Speed Film Grain; Oil Tints; Hand Colored Black and White Damage Free Dodge
and Burn; Image Enhancements; Surreal Backgrounds; HyperColor; Overexposure
Rescue; Hollywood Eyes; Artistic Effects; Perfect Litho; Linoleum Block;
Scratchboard; Rough Pencil Sketch; Charcoal Sketch;
Photocopy Sketch; Grain Sketch; Watercolor; Wet Watercolor; Silkscreen;
Impressionism; The Classic PinUp; Oil Chalk


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