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Data: 7 Listopad 2010
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Doudou Linux (Linux for children from 2 years old) 2010.10 (i386) (1xCD)

Doudou Linux (Linux for children from 2 years old) 2010.10 (i386) (1xCD) | 656 MB

Employees of the Institute of Applied Computer Science, Tomsk State Pedagogical University (Tomsk State Pedagogical University), translated into Russian was created in France, the distribution DoudouLinux (ŤDuduLinuks"), designed for children aged two years. To work in "DuduLinukse" need not know the words and letters - the system is almost all in the pictures. She has an intuitive interface and there is no traditional menu, taskbar, text messages, operations with files and folders. According to him, the system allows young children to learn the simplest operations on your computer - move the mouse, search, and press keys on the keyboard. For children who can read, set a more sophisticated programs. In addition, the system implemented a powerful filter malicious Internet content.

Among the features of the system - the bright pictures and large icons that do not make eye strain. In addition, animated and voiced the characters allow you to navigate in the operating environment, helping to play and draw. Among the applications highlights the game on the coordination of movements, in which the child needs to simultaneously press two buttons to throw the ball to the penguin. Also, children can learn to account for the bright pictures of fruits and other easily identifiable objects.

Sum md5:bc1f544df9828a59c1ffbe1dd65e2b1a doudoulinux-2010-10-ru.iso

System requirements:
Platform: Minimum hardware requirements:

* Memory 256 MB
* 800 MHz processor
* Display 800 ? 600

DoudouLinux can run on less powerful computers, but this does not apply to three games, which are more demanding of resources. Moreover, it is possible to work on a smaller amount of RAM, successful tests were at 128 MB. Finally, regarding the screen resolution, some applications are designed specifically for a resolution of 800 ? 600. That's why it's better to have a proper graphics card.
Year: 2010


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