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Day Watch (2006) DvDrip XviD - [800 MB]

Day Watch (2006) DvDrip XviD - [800 MB]
English | 145 mins | 612 x 258 | 25fps | Xvid | MP3 - 131kbs | 800 MB
Genre: Action | Fantasy | Thriller

Anton belongs to the Forces of the Light as well as his powerful girlfriend and apprentice, but his son is a powerful teenager from the Darkness and Anton protects him. When the balance between Light and Darkness is affected by the death of some evil vampires, Anton is framed and accused of the murders, and he chases an ancient chalk that has the power of changing the destiny of its owner.

Day Watch (2006) DvDrip XviD - [800 MB]

Download (Filesonic)[2006].DvDrip.XviD-aXXo.part1.rar[2006].DvDrip.XviD-aXXo.part2.rar[2006].DvDrip.XviD-aXXo.part3.rar[2006].DvDrip.XviD-aXXo.part4.rar[2006].DvDrip.XviD-aXXo.part5.rar[2006].DvDrip.XviD-aXXo.part6.rar[2006].DvDrip.XviD-aXXo.part7.rar[2006].DvDrip.XviD-aXXo.part8.rar

Mirror (Fileserve)[2006].DvDrip.XviD-aXXo.part1.rar[2006].DvDrip.XviD-aXXo.part2.rar[2006].DvDrip.XviD-aXXo.part3.rar[2006].DvDrip.XviD-aXXo.part4.rar[2006].DvDrip.XviD-aXXo.part5.rar[2006].DvDrip.XviD-aXXo.part6.rar[2006].DvDrip.XviD-aXXo.part7.rar[2006].DvDrip.XviD-aXXo.part8.rar

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