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Autor: leksema26
Data: 2 Listopad 2010
Kategoria: Archiwum

Trapcode Suite 10 (Eng) (2010)

Trapcode Suite 10 (Eng) (2010) | 46.8 MB

Creating effects of the highest level easy! Complete collection of updated plugins TRAPCODE SUITE 10!

Trapcode Horizon (new) - automatically binds the 3D camera in After Effects, to the background image can be viewed properly. Gives the songs a new look, with a unique instrument display. Automatic camera motion means that other 3D effects, for example, Trapcode Particular and Form will move correctly with background and provide the viewer with orientation in 3D space.

Trapcode Form (new) - plug-in for After Effects, designed to create animated effects, in which there is fire, smoke, sand and wind. Trapcode Form can create the effects of any complexity, from text logos that are carried away by a gust of wind, and up to 3D-models of the Earth. The plugin includes over 60 pre-blanks, each of which contains adjustable parameters. Through integration with the 3D-environment in After Effects, the user can make the camera circled around the animated forms.

Trapcode Shine
Plugin to create light effects. At your disposal are special controls that allow to simulate three-dimensional glow, flickering and specify color gamut backlight. includes 22 powerful presets, or the ability to create custom lighting effects. 16 - and 32-bit support guarantees high-quality lighting effects for any project.

Trapcode Starglow
Plug-in for rendering glow effect. Realization of this effect is to create a star-glare around the most vibrant areas of the facility. In addition, the plug-in allows you to simulate defects in lens and create entirely new lighting effects.

Trapcode 3D Stroke
The main purpose of the effect of Trapcode 3D Stroke - controlled by drawing lines along the masks, which can rotate freely along any of the three axes, using the camera Adobe After Effects. Masks can be dynamic, the user configures which should be the starting point and stop the stroke at a certain time. Working with vector graphics can be transferred to objects from Adobe Illustrator into Adobe After Effects. All the transformations taking place in one layer. The plugin has a built-in camera for AE and Combustion, and can use the camera tracks.

Trapcode Lux
Plug-in for adding volume covering the effects of projects that require realistic spotlights, point lights, or stage lighting of all kinds. Just add a level, apply the Trapcode Lux plugin, and enjoy the volumetric lighting, an improved atmosphere and surroundings. Lux automatically creates an apparent source for the Point and Spot lights in the scene.

Trapcode Particular
Plug-in for generating three-dimensional particle systems, are indispensable for creating a variety of special effects, from a realistic smoke and explosions to simulate the motion of various design elements. You get a customized control of the following characteristics: speed, size, shape, length, clarity, the trajectory changes, depth of field and motion blur of moving particles. Clouds of white, shiny bubbles, dust particles, rain, snow, natural smoke, or a flock of birds - everything is possible with the help of Trapcode Particular

Trapcode Echospace
Creating a duplicate layer in the image, text, video, and elements of the layer in 3D space. Movement and effects can ripple - offset and delay control, etc. Creation of overlapping layers and imposing shadows on other layers in the composition.

Trapcode Sound Keys
Plug-in for synchronizing the movement and sound, using the amplitude or frequency bands. Can be used to generate key frames of other visual effects. For example, combining with Sound Keys Trapcode Starglow to animate the brightness of the light from the impact of percussion instruments. Users can select separate audio visual range, then the program automatically converts it into a sequence of key frames. This plugin is very useful when creating commercials, in which the animation is closely linked with sound.

System requirements:
Platform: Windows (XP), Windows (Vista), Windows (7)
Processor: Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or faster (or AMD equivalent)
2 GB of RAM
Language: Eng
Crack: The serial number included in the file sn.txt
Year: 2010


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