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Data: 31 Październik 2010
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CandyBar (3.2) (Eng) (2010)

CandyBar (3.2) (Eng) (2010) | 38,1 MB

Creation Studio Panic - Candybar, allows most easily change the appearance of Dock, icons of programs and folders, hard drive icon. The program is so popular that its internal format *. icontainer the prevalence is second only to the native Makovsky *. icns. Packs are available across the internet, there is also a resource from the developer

A definite plus size icontainer - an opportunity to combine into a single file icons and theme Dock. Thus it is possible to distribute the whole topic will remain only on the desktop wallpaper to give the link. "Crack modders and designers convenient.

Replace icon packs can be immediately, if it provided for the author. To do this, simply press ŤUse These Iconsť and type an administrator password Mac. Undo their actions and actions is not difficult.

If the hand normal icns or png, then add an image in a collection, you can simply dragging the file on the window. The icons can be combined in a collection, organize the smart folder. Apply any icon to the folder you can with the function Quick Drop - select an icon from the collection and drag on the region Quick Drop folder itself, you're done!

CandyBar allows you to change the system icons in Mac OS X that you normally can't, including including the trash can, volumes, default folder, and more!
CandyBar 3 also now includes a full-featured icon organizer (formerly called Pixadex) that acts like an iPhoto for your icons: collect and store your icons in the same application you use to change them!
Of course, there's more: CandyBar also now lets you customize the look of Leopard's dock. Too shiny? Too flashy? Make it look the way you want by simply dragging images in to replace. Nice.
Will 512 x 512 icon support, improved iContainers, a smooth new interface, Quick Look integration, and much more, Candybar 3 is to icons what air is to, uh, living.

Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) Support
* Ready and updated for a handful of icon changes in 10.6
* Fixed a problem with inconsistent scrolling
* Added the "Server" folder icon

Other Changes:
* CandyBar now loads the "System Icons" view much faster
* When using icons for system replacements, CB will no longer clear custom icons that aren't in the collection
* When applying individual icons to use as a system replacement, the modified system icon will now be scrolled into view
* Can now drag an icon into applications, such as image editors, that accept TIFF images
* Fixed an issue with icon drag and drop from the list view
* Fixed an issue exporting multiple icons as jpg or gif
* When selecting a new icon library, ineligible folders are no longer disabled, which makes navigating them possible
* Improvements to the modification/unqualified system banners to keep them in sync with the current application state

System requirements:
Platform: Mac OS X 10.5 +
Platform: PPC / Intel universal
Language: Eng
Year: 2010


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