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Nikon Capture NX 2.2.4 Portable (Eng+Rus) (2010)

Nikon Capture NX 2.2.4 Portable (Eng+Rus) (2010) | 88,5 MB

Nikon Capture NX 2 v.2.2.4 - powerful software for editing and processing images, known to many professionals and amateurs on earlier versions developed for removing digital photography photographers, regardless of what format they use. High-speed editing is achieved through the use of exclusive Nik Software U PointTM technology.
Created by photographers for photographers, software, Nikon Capture NX2 makes the most precise control over the images and processing it is intuitively simple and flexible for any photographer, regardless of its level of training, setting a new standard in creative digital imaging. Powerful but easy to use, this software allows you to select individual parts of the image by simply selecting the point and simple means to fulfill its complex masking or processing sectors of the snapshot. Capture NX2 will allow you to repeatedly create and modify the image processing operations, without degrading the original image data and provides a fully compliant and continuous process of editing files in JPEG or TIFF files from your camera. For those who use the format NEF (RAW), also available special funds for the correction of optical or digital artifacts.
Revolutionary innovation in the package has acquired technology from the U PointTM Nik Software Inc USA, which allows direct editing zones just finger pointing (mouse, of course, but the present editor and photographer, one of which pokes into the sky, saying "here, I want to edit and Posin ' also possible, because then the work will make more sense) and the subsequent movement of the sliders from the menu basic settings (brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, etc.).
The new package is introduced not so much a new concept or types of editing, but simply rendered in convenient locations of existing features.

• Technology U Point: opportunities checkpoint function Control Points Capture NX2 and Technology U PointTM allow convenient, quick and intuitive to select specific areas of color and tone.
• Auto Retouch Brush (Brush Auto Touch-Up): an effective and powerful tool that allows a simple click to remove unwanted dust spots or details.
• Quick Fix (quick fix): a combined panel of commonly used tools greatly simplifies the process of editing large batches of images
• Selection control point (control point): simplifies the process of improving the visual sharpness of the image (unsharp mask) or blur certain areas of the image (Gaussian Blur) and can be used with almost any image correction tool. Correction can be applied to the entire image or of certain areas without the need for accurate selection of masks.
• Customizable Workspaces (Customizable workspaces): 4 fully customizable workspaces allow you to personalize the selection of tools to create your own shortcuts and switch instantly between all work areas with no data loss.
• Photo Management (Picture Control): a set of different labels that use XMP and IPTC standards make it easy to tag and sort images. Provides a consistent transition with ViewNX, Windows 7, or Adobe Bridge.
• Ability to work on two monitors: allows you to extend your workspace when you install two monitors.

System requirements:
Platform: Windows XP / Vista / 7
Processor: GHz
Language: Eng+Rus
Crack: Is not required, but just in case there are serial and do not let the program on the Internet
Year: 2010


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