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Najgoretsze wstawki

Autor: severvel
Data: 29 Październik 2010
Kategoria: Archiwum

Capture One PRO 5.2.1 42076 x86 [2010, MULTILANG +RUS]

Phase One Capture One PRO v5.2.1.42076 + Rus | 123 MB

Capture One uses the concept of "Collections" to group images together, in the example shown below this happens to be images in a particular folder, although in reality images from various sources can be grouped into a collection. The default layout has the collection pane (thumbnails) on the left, preview / work pane in the center and function tabs on the right. All panes can be resized or collapsed, you can also work in full screen mode without a titlebar.The one big strength Capture One DSLR has over the Canon software is that all adjustments happen in (almost) realtime. That means you can make a grey balance adjustment and see the change immediately, this is far better than the rather slow-to-change Canon FIle Image Viewer.You can alternatively switch to a horizontal view (press F8) which shifts the collection pane to the bottom of the window. This is probably a more useful layout for landscape photography.

Capture One PRO 5.2.1 42076 x86 [2010, MULTILANG +RUS]

Color Management and PreferencesGlobally you can set various preferences including full color management support. Capture One DSLR comes provided with profiles for the EOS-1D and EOS-1Ds under various light conditions. You can also select destination color profiles for output, web and proof destinations as well as your monitor profile. There are also a wide range of preferences to choose from, click on the reducedimage below to see them in more detail.Operation and WorkflowOperationally you can work on previous shot and stored images or capture directly from the camera "into" a collection live in the Capture One DSLR application. This feature wasn"t tested at this stage.As you change settings such as color balance, sharpening etc. these are stored by Capture One in its own database (remembered on a perimage basis). These settings can be saved and loaded as well as applied to selected images, a batch " development" or an entire collection. Settings are arranged into three of the five function tabs on the function pane, each function pane is described below.OutputBelow you will find two versions of the same EOS-1Ds RAWimage output as JPEG from both Capture One DSLR and Canon"s own File Viewer Utility. Remember that Capture One DSLR is still in its Beta form and thusimage quality and performance may not be true to the final version. I do like the overall tonal balance and color response of the Capture One DSLRimage , very nice.What"s New in This Release:* Fixed issues with Live View on Mac.* Fixed session update issue on Windows.* Fixed issue with LCC based dust removal not working properly for some files.* Fixed renaming issue that could cause adjustments to be lost on Windows.

Year / Date: 2010
Version: 5.2.1 Build 42076
Developer: Phase One A / S
Web Developer: Phase One A / S
Bit depth: 32bit
Compatibility with Vista: complete
Compatible with Windows 7: complete
Language: Multilingual



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