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Data: 28 Październik 2010
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VMLite XP Mode 3.2.6 (Multi) (2010)

VMLite XP Mode 3.2.6 (Multi) (2010) | 65,1 MB

It's no secret that in Windows 7 editions of Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate was listed mode support Windows XP Mode, allows users to run selected applications inside a virtual machine with the operating system, Windows XP SP3. Also, many people know that this feature is extremely demanding on the hardware filling the computer processor which necessarily must support virtualization technology. This fact, indeed, is perhaps the biggest stumbling block, holding many PC owners on the practical use of this wonderful tool. Break this vicious circle the company ventured VMLite, presented an alternative software solution VMLite XP Mode, closely follows the original design that functions in any version of Windows, from XP, and - most importantly - run on systems without hardware virtualization support, of which the offices and apartments - the majority.

To use VMLite XP Mode, need to pass a simple registration on the developer's site and download the program size of 56 MB. Require an additional download from / windows / virtual-pc package of Windows XP Mode (470 MB), in which among other things, archived image of the Windows XP operating system with integrated third service pack. If you do not want to climb on the Microsoft site to find the appropriate file, you can entrust this operation installer VMLite XP Mode, performs automatic data download from the Internet.

After copying the application installer deploys the image of Windows XP, connect it to a virtual machine as a guest system, where you twist the nut, and then asks the user a few questions of a technical nature and will provide a turnkey solution for seamless operation with a virtual environment, and launched into her programs. From running inside the Windows XP program can work with files of the parent system, to interact with USB and other devices connected to your computer, copy data via the clipboard, etc.

Operates VMLite XP Mode in the same way that Windows XP Mode: Any installed in a virtual machine application is automatically duplicated in the Start menu, the host system and then you can start with a single click inside the virtual environment. There are, however, a "but." When using the original treatment program opened in separate windows, no different from other running applications. VMLite XP Mode these tricks do not know how to disguise and opens all the applications within the desktop Windows XP, showing shortcuts, taskbar, press Start, and other amenities of the operating system. This is the only thing that distinguishes Windows XP Mode of alternative tools.

Experienced users, looking at the above screenshots certainly find a striking similarity of the program with an open virtualizer VirtualBox, supervised by Sun Microsystems. Indeed, the mere comparison of products clearly makes it clear that VMLite XP Mode based on the well-known platform, but this reason there is no mention of any company's website VMLite, nor in the software. In addition, not shown the source code of the product. This is the first subtle point. There is a second: if you deploy a virtual image of Windows XP operating system with no problems interacting with the update server and does not force users to perform product activation. This, in turn, means that developers VMLite implemented in their program the same security system that is used in Windows XP Mode, and vshili emulated in the BIOS needed stitches, which can automatically registers the guest OS. As to this "slippery" moments will treat the two largest corporations - an open question.
It is not excluded that the fate of offspring VMLite sealed.

System requirements:
Platform: Windows XP
Processor: 1 Ghz
Language: Multi
Year: 2010


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