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ACDSee Canvas with GIS 12.0 Build 1389 (Eng) (2010)

ACDSee Canvas with GIS 12.0 Build 1389 (Eng) (2010) | 131 MB

ACD Systems Canvas - Professional vector graphics editor. A professional graphics package to work with vector graphics ACD Canvas 12 - is a further continuation of the development package Deneba CANVAS. Canvas 11 combines all the features of other graphics programs, programs for creating illustrations and systems for preparing materials for publication.

Flexible environment and limit the accuracy of graphic projects - Technical illustrations require accuracy limit for bringing the project to completion. Flexible environment Canvas can work with any scale, define custom units of measurement. Adding a given size of objects that correspond to industry standards, including ANSI, DIN and JIS, or create custom settings for a specific project.
Import, view, and conservation projects in more than 100 file formats - The program works with more than 100 file formats to DWG, RAW DICOM to Kodak FlashPix. ACDSee Canvas can open many file formats, so they can be changed, add effects, and export to another format.
Applying filters to images, text and vector objects - With patented technology, Sprite, you can add effects illustrations, text and graphics, and change the transparency on the basis of the gradient, without affecting the original object. This technology gives you flexibility when working with graphics and technical illustrations. Channel and vector masks, as well as gradient transparency tools in ACDSee Canvas is always at hand to create stunning visual effects.
Protection projects and ideas - at any time of development, you can save your Canvas document, or exported, such as PDF, using secure encryption or protection parolem.ACDSee Canvas 11 lets you control the content of your development, you decide who can open, edit or print your files.
Canvas Assistant - Canvas ™ Assistant allows you to get help and information in real time, at any time, saving you the cost of attendance.
Advanced visualization features - Numerous specialized filters enable users to improve the image in accordance with user preferences that allows you to see some features that are invisible to the naked eye.
Accurate Analysis - To understand the results of scientific or medical studies based on image data you want to view, sort and analyze the enormous amount of accurate numerical data, including each pixel. ACDSee Canvas 11 successfully solves these problems. Direct access to numeric data makes the difficult tasks of the analysis simple and accurate.

System requirements:
Platform: MicrosoftŽ WindowsŽ XP Home or Professional operating system (with Service Pack 2 installed), Windows VistaŽ or WindowsŽ 7
MicrosoftŽ Internet ExplorerŽ 6.0 (7.0 or higher recommended) - to view the Help
Processor: IntelŽ PentiumŽ 4 or better
512 MB RAM installed (1 GB RAM recommended)
700 MB free hard disk space (1.5 GB recommended)
16-bit color or higher (True color recommended)
1024x768 or higher screen resolution recommended
DVD drive – to install from the installer disk
Language: Eng
Crack: Included
Year: 2010


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