Data: 18 Październik 2010
Kategoria: Archiwum

Cabin Fever (2002) DVDRip XviD [700MB]

Cabin Fever (2002) DVDRip XviD [700MB]
English + Sub English | 01:32:00 | 640x272 | XVID 928Kbps | 23.976fps | MP3 128Kbps | 700MB
Genre: Horror | Thriller

Five friends:Marcy,Bert,Karen,Paul,and Jeff leave the city for a mountain get-way and a renting a cabin in the hills. But after Bert goes shooting for squirrels but instead shoots a hermit with a flesh eating disease,(He got from his dog) begging for Berts help. Bert promise him help but lies and runs back to the cabin. Later that night after getting doped and drunk, the hermit comes to the cabin. But the friends in panic, kill the man. But when the man dies in the reservoir and Karen drinks the water, her skin is oddly being ate away. The friends send her into a shed outside the cabin. But one by one - Not knowing about the dead man in the reservoir - become infected with the disease.

Cabin Fever (2002) DVDRip XviD [700MB]

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