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Data: 10 Październik 2010
Kategoria: Archiwum

Aliens in the Attic (2009) BDRip x264

Aliens in the Attic (2009) BDRip x264
Language: English
85 Min | 912 x 496 | x264 622Kbps | 23.976 fps | BDrip | AAC – 48KHz | 397 MB
Genre: Adventure | Family | Fantasy | Sci-Fi

Stuart Pearson heads with his family to spend a summer vacation in Creek Landing, Michigan, with his brother Nathan Pearson and his sons and their mother Rose in an old lake house they had rented. When the television has trouble with the image, Stuart's son Tom and the arrogant boyfriend of his sister Ricky Dillman go to the attic and then to the roof, where Tom meets his cousin Jake and they find the antenna dish totally destroyed. Sooner they discover four alien invaders that are preparing an invasion of the Earth that use a mind control weapon that only affects adults and they lock the quartet in the attic.


Aliens in the Attic (2009) BDRip x264

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