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Data: 11 Wrzesień 2010
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[PSP] James Cameron's Avatar The Game - ENG - MULTI5 - 5.00m33-6 - Fix

James Cameron's Avatar The Game - ENG - MULTI5 - 5.00m33-6 - Fix | 478 Mb

Name: James Cameron's Avatar: The Game
Genres: Action
Language: RUS, ENG, ESP, FRE, ITA, GER
Year: 2009
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal / Lightstorm Entertainment / 20th Century Fox
Publisher: UBISOFT Entertainment
Platform: PSP

File Size: 478 Mb
Image Type: iso
Firmware: 5.00-M33-6
Tablet: Present

If somewhere there is a heaven, then surely it is similar to Pandora. Distant planet dazzles with its beauty and intoxicating riot of colors. The lush vegetation plays in the sun myriad brightest colors and the darkness scatters light sets phosphorescent spots. Pandora is supposedly designed for relaxation and enjoyment. However, what seems like paradise, in fact, be hell!

James Cameron's Avatar: The Game - is the official game of the movie "Avatar" director James Cameron. Under his leadership, created such legendary paintings as "The Terminator" and "Terminator 2", "Rambo: First Blood," "Alien," "True Lies", "Titanic" ... And "Avatar", prepared for display in full 3D, promises to surpass them all! The film promises to break records on fees in many countries, including in Russia. And thanks to the game you can become an integral part of the new wonder of the world, created by a brilliant director.

James Cameron's Avatar: The Game will show you Pandora in all its deadly beauty. Do you personally become a member of an epic confrontation RDA Corporation and the indigenous inhabitants of the planet - slender, graceful and beautiful in their own way men and women race Na'vi. Aboriginal People - enemies and invaders, encroach on their territory and foul twice because the use of avatars.

Avatars - is artificially grown body, similar to Na'vi, which moves in the consciousness of the human operator. But is he then still a man? The struggle for resources to some and a holy war for their land to others will unfold before you string of incredibly spectacular battles, which can be seen in the present volume 3D!

- Wonderful World. Meet Pandora inside look at the beautiful and captivating universe, created by James Cameron, under his own perspective.
- Choose your side. Fight for the troops Corporation RDA, or for people Na'vi. The first relied on firearms and military equipment, including aircraft and walking robots. The second uses a primitive weapon, but live in harmony with nature - on their side are fighting a variety of representatives of the rich fauna of the planet.
- Everything for the war. More than 60 weapons and 20 battle skills to make a truly grand and uncompromising.
- Your own hero. Create your character and develop it during the game, giving new abilities.
- Mounted on wheels. Use military equipment and strange mounts, which prior to the visit to Pandora, you never imagined could!

1. Connect PSP to a computer
2. We throw on the PSP in folder ISO
3. Go to the menu Game, in Memory Stick
4. Playing

[PSP] James Cameron's Avatar The Game - ENG - MULTI5 - 5.00m33-6 - Fix

[PSP] James Cameron's Avatar The Game - ENG - MULTI5 - 5.00m33-6 - Fix

[PSP] James Cameron's Avatar The Game - ENG - MULTI5 - 5.00m33-6 - Fix

Download Free James Cameron's Avatar The Game - ENG - MULTI5 - 5.00m33-6 - Fix

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