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Data: 27 Sierpień 2010
Kategoria: Archiwum

AIO Tool Box 1.6

AIO Tool Box 1.6 | 186.26 MB

AIO Tool Box(All-In-One Tool Box) is a GUI that has a whole bunch of tools for you techies out there.I basically went out and gathered up a whole bunch of tools I use on a regular bases and made them all portable for easier use and for light foot printing. I take no credit for the making of any of the applications as I did not create them. I do however take credit for making a simple to use and understandable GUI so that everyone may use them without frustration. Almost every tool, when you hover your mouse over the name, will display a short description of the tool so you may understand what you are opening before you open it.

Change log
Ver. 1.6

Tools Removed: Reason
1. TreeSize - Repalced with WinDirStat
2. Restoration - Replaced with Recuva
3. CCleaner - Replaced with ToolBoxV1.0
4. What's In Startup - Replaced with ToolBoxV1.0
5. WinDirStat - Replaced with ToolBoxV1.0
6. Unstop-able Copier - Replaced with TeraCopy Portable V2.0
7. Duplicate Cleaner - Replaced with ToolBoxV1.0
8. Driver Max - Replaced with ToolBoxV1.0
9. RevoUninstaller - Replaced with ToolBoxV1.0
10. TotalUninstaller - Replaced with ToolBoxV1.0

Tools Added:
1. XP Reactivator
2. Activation Backup & Restore for Vista
3. Windows 7 Start Button Changer v.2.0
4. CPU-Z (specs)
5. Moba Live CD v2.1 (virtual ISO tester)
6. Shields Up
7. Browser Security Test
8. Remove Water Mark Vista/Win7
9. Emsa DLL Register Tool
10. Low Level Format Tool (format)
11. Partition Wizard Home Edition ver. 5.0
12. Disk Redactor 1.2 (wiper)
13. Recuva (undelete)
14. Speccy
15. Defraggler (defrag)
16. IZArc2Go (extractor)
17. TeraCopy V2.0 (File/Folder mover)
18. ToolBoxV1.0

Tools Updated:
1. Ultra Surf v9.97
2. Team Viewer

1. Added a very basic search function to the top-left hand corner of the front page. Currently only

searches page names and not tool names. Still working on this.
2. Fixed a couple grammatical errors.
3. Got rid of windows border button. Window is still moveable.
4. Added window always on top button on front page.
5. Added display OEM and Manufacturer button on front page.
6. Added CD/DVD open/close tray button on front page.
7. Added display current IP and MAC address on front page.
8. Added explore root directory button on front page.
9. AIO Tool Box, when minimized now gets sent to system tray rather then task bar. Opens up loads of

possibilities in the future releases.
10. Changed icon to a more eye-candy first aid bag,
11. Moved Combo Fix from Antivirus
page to XP Only page as it is an XP only utility.
12. Resized the About Page. Was getting too hard to read.
13. Got rid of Uninstallers page. Was not needed.
14. A couple new animated buttons to keep your eyes entertained.
15. Slowly but surely recovering all the lost how-to's and manuals from ver. 1.5.

List of the tools:
Windows 7, Vista and XP

Clamwin (Free open source antivirus/antispyware scanner/remover)
SmitFraud Fix (Removes spyware/adware/malicious/virus/spyware)
SpyDLL Remover (Scans and removes infectious coding)

Backup Apps
Mozilla Backup (Backups profiles for FireFox/Thunderbird/Sea Monkey)
Toucan (File/folder backup/sync)
iPodCopy (Backup/restore/copy songs from IPOD)
.pst Importer (Thunderbird Add-on, import .pst(outlook) backups))
EZ Backup Ultimate (All-In-One backup solution)

USB Win 7 Creator (Create Win7 USB bootable installations)
WinToFlash (Create XP, Vista, Win7 USB bootable installations)

ISO Creator (Create ISO image from CD/DVD)

Burner Apps
Portable Burner
Small CD Writer
Infra Recorder (All-in-one burner app)
Ultra ISO

Who Crashed (Must install. Reads MS dump files)
Webroot System Analyzer
PC Check (Checks for all sorts of problems with your computer)
Down Test
Crucial Memory Scanner ( memory scanner)
SysInspector (in depth analysis of various aspects of your operating system, including running

processes, registry content, startup items and network connections)
OS Install Date
BlueScreen Viewer
Browser Security Test
Shields Up
Moba Live CD v2.1
Disc Drive Inspector (Checks local HDD for bad sectors and problems)
Drive Speed Test (Test MAX/MIN of CD/DVD write/read speeds)

YouTube Downloader
Torrent without client


Power Point Joiner (Join multiple power points into one file)
Icons Extract (Extract icons(.ico) from multiple formats))
Universal Viewer (View almost any kind of format)
Tag & Rename (Tag and rename multiple files easily)
Everything Search (Extremely light and powerful hard drive searcher)
Windows Live Fixer

File Deleters
Unlocker (Helps delete locked files/folders)
Delete Dr. (Helps delete locked files/folders)
Lock Hunter (Helps delete locked files/folders)

Key Finders and Changers
Duplicate Cleaner (Searches for duplicate folders/files)
KeyFinder (Finds the operating systems product key)
Produ Key (Finds the operating systems product key)

Wireless Key Viewer (Able to view saved wireless keys)
IE Passwords (Able to view IE saved passwords)
Mail Pass Viewer (Able to view popular local mail login passwords)
Asterisk Logger
My Last Search
IE History
Mozilla History Viewer

Remote Applications
Team Viewer 5.0.7904 for Customer
Team Viewer 5.0.7904 for Technician
Mikogo For Technician
Mikogo For Client

Command Prompt (Portable command prompt)
Direct X Web Setup
Disk Redactor 1.2
Emsa DLL Register Tool
License Crawler
Low Leverl Format Tool
Outlook Recovery
Partition Wizard
PDF Reader
Print Unlocker
Router Default ID and PASS List
Security Software Removal Tools
Tool Box
Ultra Surf
TeraCopy V2.0
USB Viewer

Main Page
Clean After Me
UKD - Unknown Devices 1.4.20
File Shredder
Tool BoxV1.0

XP Only
Make XP genuiine forever
XP Activator and XP Key Kit
Several kinds of registry tweaks
Official product key changer by Microsoft for those legit times
Background fix 1 and 2 for XP
Several other little handy tools like winsock fixers, enabler and disablers for Task Manager, System

Restore and more.
System Restore Creator (Easily create a system restore)
Vista Only
Dream Scene unlocker
ULoader (makes Vista genuine)
MZ Vista Force (Tweak Vista)
Activation Backup and Restore
PID Checker
Save and Restore Desktop Icon Layout
Remove Watermark

Win 7 Only
Ultimate 7 Tweaker(nice GUI for tweaking Win 7)
Windows Mail unlocker(Microsoft disabled it in Win 7)
ULoader (makes Win 7 genuine)
ODIN (makes Win 7 genuine)
Dream Scene unlocker
Windows 7 In A Box
Other helpful registry tweaks




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