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Akon - Discography (2005-2008)

Artist: Akon
Album: Discography
Style: R&B
Country: USA
Audio: MP3
Track: tracks
Quality: 192-320 Kbps
Size: 1,88 Gb


Albumy (320Kbps)


Year: 2008
Time: 00:59:11
1. Right Now (Na Na Na)
2. Beautiful (Feat Colby O'donis & Kardinal Offishall)
3. Keep You Much Longer
4. Troublemaker (Feat Sweet Rush)
5. We Don't Care
6. I'm So Paid (Feat Lil Wayne & Young Jeezy)
7. Holla Holla (Feat T-Pain)
8. Against The Grain (Feat Ray Lavender)
9. Be With You
10. Sunny Day (Feat Wyclef)
11. Birthmark
12. Over The Edge
13. Freedom
14. Clap Again [Bonus Track]

Konvicted (Deluxe Edition)

Year: 2007
Time: 01:08:12
1. Shake Down
2. Blown Away (Feat Styles P)
3. Smack That (Feat Eminem)
4. I Wanna Love You (Feat Snoop Dogg)
5. The Rain
6. Never Took The Time
7. Mama Africa
8. I Can't Wait
9. Gangsta Bop
10. Tired Of Runnin'
11. Once In A While
12. Don't Matter
13. Sorry, Blame It On Me
14. Rush (Feat Kardinal Offishall)
15. Don't Matter (Calypso Remix)
16. Gringo
17. I Wanna Love You (Feat Snoop Dogg) (Video Version)

Trouble (Deluxe Edition)

Year: 2005
Time: 01:19:35
1. Locked Up
2. Trouble Nobody
3. Belly Dancer (Bananza)
4. Gangsta
5. Ghetto
6. Pot Of Gold
7. Show Out
8. Lonely
9. When The Time's Right
10. Journey
11. Don't Let Up
12. I Won't
13. Locked Up (Remix) (Feat Styles P)

1. Belly Dancer (Bananza) (Remix) (Feat Kardinal Offishall)
2. Gunshot (Fiesta Riddim)
3. Senegal
4. Keep On Callin' (Feat P-Money)
5. Never Gonna Get It (Feat Topic & Sean Biggs)
6. Miss Melody (Feat Miri Ben-Ari)
7. Kill The Dance (Got Something For Ya) (Feat Kardinal Offishall)
8. Find Us (In The Of The Club) (Feat The Beatnuts)
9. Baby I'm (Feat Baby Bash)
10. Yey' (Konvict Muzik Exclusive) (Feat Grady Babyz)


African Westside [192Kbps]

Year: 2006
Time: 00:51:53
1. Africa
2. Gun Shot
3. Don't Let Up
4. Presidentialfe
5. So Fly Feat.Blews
6. Back Again Feat. Kai
7. Never Gonna Get
8. Get Way
9. Kill The Bounce
10. Ooh Baby
11. U Got Me
12. You Don't Want
13. Hustler Story
14. Can You Believe
15. Gun In Hand
16. In Your Eyes
17. Ghetto Feat.Tupac
18. What Your Move
19. I Want Feat Oxmo
20. Ur Not The Same
21. Lonely (Badremix)
22. Soul Survivor
23. Gun Session

Akon And DJ Sam The Man - A Konvicts Song [192Kbps]

Year: 2007
Time: 01:01:45
1. Bad Man
2. Forget Me (Remix) (Feat Layzie Bone, Smitty & Papoose)
3. Froze (Team Invason Exclsive) (Feat T-Pain)
4. Gangsta Bop
5. Ghetto Soldier (Feat Papoose)
6. Gun In Hand (Feat Booba)
7. Gun Session (Remix) (Feat Vybz Kartel & Friends)
8. I'm So Fly (Feat Jvenile)
9. Keep On Calling (Feat P Money)
10. Locked Up (Feat Nas)
11. Moonshine (Feat Savage)
12. On Da Corner (Team Invasion Exclsive) (Feat DJ Khaled, Fat Joe)
13. Private (Feat One Chance)
14. Someone (Feat Keith Sweat)
15. Whatch Gon Do (Feat Rhatt)
16. Yo Don't Want It
17. Yondbloodz

Da Spotlight [192Kbps]

Year: 2007
Time: 01:12:34
1. You Don't Want It
2. Locked Up Ft. Styles P
3. Blown Away Ft. Styles P
4. Watch Out Ft. Styles P, Fat Joe & Rick Ross
5. Look In My Eyes Ft. Young Blass
6. Keep On Calling
7. Ghetto Ft. 2pac & B.I.G
8. Ghetto Soldier Ft. Papoose
9. Believe It Ft. Styles P
10. Gunshot
11. Slow Wind Ft. R Kelly (Remix)
12. Girls Ft. Beenie Man
13. U Got Me High Ft. T-Pain
14. I Wanna Luv U Ft. Snoop Dogg
15. Smack That Ft. Eminem
16. Ghetto Story Ft. Cham & Alicia Keys (Remix)
17. Moonshine
18. Cross That Line Ft. Rick Ross
19. Gangsta Bop
20. So Fly
21. Ride Out Ft. Tru-Life
22. Snitch Ft. Obie Trice
23. Me, Myself & I
24. Mr Lonely (Bonus Track)

DJ Lust - Bars Hooks & Crooks (Max B Vs. Akon) [80Kbps]

Year: 2006
Time: 01:11:07
1. So Pretty (Max B)
2. My life (Feat. styles P.) (Akon)
3. Situations (Feat. Stack Bundles And Mel Matrix) (Max B)
4. I Wanna Fuck You (Feat. Snoop) (Akon)
5. Psychic (Max B)
6. Cross The line (Feat. Rick Ross) (Akon)
7. Fucks With You (Feat. Jim Jones And Stack Bundles) (Max B)
8. Smack Dat (Feat. Eminem) (Akon)
9. Ain't A Thang (Max B)
10. Grind For Me (Max B)
11. Trouble (Akon)
12. Refreshing (Feat. Mel Matrix And Stack Bundles) (Max B)
13. You Don't Want It (Akon)
14. Be Easy (Akon)
15. One Less Bitch (Feat. Jim Jones) (Max B)
16. One In A While (Akon)
17. Dom Peringon (Max B)
18. Good To Me (Akon)
19. Credibility (Max B)
20. Blown Away (Feat. Styles P.) (Akon)
21. Watch Out (Feat. Fat Joe, Rick Ross And Styles P.) (Akon)
22. Can't Stand Me (Max B)
23. Prolific (Max B)
24. Survivor (Feat. 40 Cal) (Akon)
25. Hold Me Down (Feat. Stack Bundles) (Max B)
26. Murderer (Feat. Uncle Murder) (Akon)
27. No Way (Max B)

DJ Noodles & Akon - The Freedom Mixtape [256Kbps]

Year: 2008
Time: 00:48:31
1. Take It Intro
2. I'm So Paid (Feat Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne) (Remix)
3. Clap Again
4. Hustler's Story (Feat Red Cafe, Glasses Malone)
5. Certified (Feat Glasses Malone, Lil Wayne, Bun B, Kam ) (Remix)
6. Best Of Both Worlds (Feat Notorious B.I.G.) (Noodles Mix)
7. My Dream (Feat Notorious B.I.G., Kanye West) (Noodles Mix)
8. Against The Grain (Feat Ray L)
9. Gun In Hand (Feat Lil Wayne) (Noodles Mix)
10. Dangerous (Feat Kardinal Offishall .Sean Paul, Twista) (Remix)
11. I'm So Fly (Feat Trazz)
12. Right Now (Na Na Na)
13. Right Now (Na Na Na) (Feat Kat Deluna) (Remix)

DJ Scope - Best Of Akon [192Kbps]

Year: 2007
Time: 01:12:04
1. You Don't Want It
2. I Wanna Fuck You Ft. Snoop Dogg
3. Locked Up
4. Blown Away Ft. Styles P.
5. Soul Survivor Ft. Young Jeezy
6. Trouble Nobody
7. Ghetto Soldier Ft. Papoose
8. Softly
9. Can U Believe It Ft. Styles P.
10. You Got Me
11. Belly Dancer
12. My Life Ft. Styles P.
13. Ghetto Story Ft. Baby Cham
14. Gangsta
15. Smack That Ft. Eminem
16. Natural Born Hustla
17. Ghetto
18. Lonely
19. Gun Shot
20. Girls Ft. Beenie Man
21. I'm Back
22. Cross That Line Ft. Rick Ross

Illegal Alien Vol.1 [192Kbps]

Year: 2005
Time: 00:29:56
1. Kill Di Dance (Kopa Riddim) (feat. Kardinal Offishal)
2. DJ Vlad
3. You Dont Want it (Freestyle)
4. Soldier (Freestyle)
5. Gunshot (Fiesta Riddim)
6. Dont Tease Me (Freestyle)
7. Look at Me Know (Freestyle)
8. Get Away (Freestyle)
9. No Sunshine (Freestyle)
10. Senegal (Freestyle)

In My Ghetto [320Kbps]

Year: 2007
Time: 00:54:39
1. Cross Da Line (feat. Rick Ross)
2. On My Trail (feat. L.A.)
3. U Like My swagga (feat. Assassin)
4. Work It
5. What'cha Gone Do (feat. Juvenile)
6. Snitch (feat. Obie Twice)
7. Neva 4 Get Me (feat. Bleek)
8. Hustler (feat. Smitty)
9. On The Block
10. Kalifornia (feat. Yukmouth & Mostah Ganja)
11. Ride On' Em
12. Private
13. Someone (feat. Keith Sweat)
14. I Promise
15. Watch Out Now

In My Ghetto Vol. 2 [192Kbps]

Year: 2008
Time: 00:51:51
1. Still Runnin (Feat 2pac)
2. Do Ya Feel Me (Feat Jada Kiss & Roscoe)
3. Aint Nothing Changed (Feat Cannibus)
4. Ghetto Blues (Feat 2pac & Notorious B.I.G.)
5. Look Me In My Eyes (Feat Blast)
6. The One (Feat Chilee Powder)
7. 9mm (Feat Snoop David Banner & Lil Wayne)
8. Hustlaz Story (Feat Biggie & Scarface)
9. Ghetto Gospel (Remix) (Feat 2pac)
10. The New Message (Feat Kam)
11. Locked Up (Remix) (Feat Makaveli)
12. Be By Myside (Feat Trazz)

One Man Band Man [256Kbps]

Year: 2008
Time: 01:19:26
1. I'm So Fly (Remix) (Feat Fabolous & Fat Joe)
2. Against The Grain
3. Saddest Day
4. Hold My Hand
5. Sunny Day
6. Wanna Be Starting Something
7. Could You Be The Reason
8. Borrow U (Feat Ac)
9. What You Got (Feat Colby O Donis)
10. Frozen (Feat Jl, Tami Chynn)
11. Dangerous (Feat Kardinal Offishall)
12. Get Low Wit It (Feat Romeo)
13. Rush (Feat Kardinal Offishall)
14. Body On Me (Feat Nelly)
15. Am I Dreaming (Feat Kat Deluna) (Remix)
16. Criminal Minded (Feat Rick Ross)
17. Fair To You
18. Struggle Everyday
19. Gringo
20. Sorry Blame It On Me
21. Mama Africa (Feat 50 Cent) (Remix)
22. Graveyard Shift (Feat Kardinal Offishall)
23. Exausted From Ballin (Feat Kasual)
24. Get Buck In Here (Feat Diddy, Ludacris, Lil Jon & DJ Felli Fel)



Belly Dancer (Bananza) [192Kbps]

Year: 2005
Time: 00:11:21
1. Belly Dancer (Explicit)
2. Trouble Nobody (Album Version)
3. Belly Dancer (Instrumental)

Don't Matter [192Kbps]

Year: 2007
Time: 00:13:17
1. Don't Matter (Radio Edit)
2. Don't Matter (Main)
3. Don't Matter (Instrumental)

I Wanna Love You (feat. Snoop Dogg) [192Kbps]

Year: 2006
Time: 00:12:31
1. I Wanna Love You (Clean)
2. I Wanna Love You (Dirty)
3. I Wanna Love You (Instrumental)

I'm So Paid (feat. Lil Wayne & Young Jeezy) [320Kbps]

Year: 2008
Time: 00:17:18
1. I'm So Paid (Clean)
2. I'm So Paid (Dirty)
3. I'm So Paid (Clean Intro)
4. I'm So Paid (Dirty Intro)
5. I'm So Paid (Instrumental)

Lonely [192Kbps]

Year: 2004
Time: 00:08:13
1. Lonely (Clean)
2. Lonely (Instrumental)
3. Belly Dancer (Snippet)

Mama Africa [192Kbps]

Year: 2007
Time: 00:11:09
1. Mama Africa (Main)
2. Mama Africa (Instrumental)
3. Kill The Dance (Got Something For Ya) (feat. Kardinal Offishall)

Smack That (feat. Eminem) [192Kbps]

Year: 2006
Time: 00:11:34
1. Smack That
2. Miss Melody With Miri-Ben Ari
3. Senegal

Sorry, Blame It on Me [192Kbps]

Year: 2007
Time: 00:09:12
1. Sorry, Blame It on Me (Main)
2. Sorry, Blame It on Me (Instrumental)

Z udziałem Akon

Bartender (T-Pain feat. Akon) [192Kbps]

Year: 2007
Time: 00:16:08
1. Bartender (Clean)
2. Bartender (Instrumental)
3. Bartender (Main)
4. Bartender (Clean Acappella)

I Tried (Bone Thugs-n-Harmony feat. Akon) [192Kbps]

Year: 2007
Time: 00:18:28
1. I Tried (Clean)
2. I Tried (Dirty)
3. I Tried (Instrumental)
4. I Tried (Acappella)

I'll Still Kill (50 Cent feat. Akon) [192Kbps]

Year: 2007
Time: 00:13:59
1. I'll Still Kill (Clean)
2. I'll Still Kill (Instrumental)
3. I'll Still Kill (Acappella)
4. I'll Still Kill (Album)

Sweetest Girl (Wyclef Jean feat. Niia, Akon and Lil Wayne) [192Kbps]

Year: 2007
Time: 00:16:05
1. Sweetest Girl (Radio)
2. Sweetest Girl (Album)
3. Sweetest Girl (Instrumental)
4. Sweetest Girl (Acappella)

The Sweet Escape (Gwen Stefani feat. Akon) (Kovnict Remix) [192Kbps]

Year: 2007
Time: 00:20:08
1. The Sweet Escape (Konvict Remix)
2. The Sweet Escape (Album Version)
3. The Sweet Escape (Konvict Instrumental)
4. The Sweet Escape (Album Version Instrumental)
5. The Sweet Escape (Album Version Acappella)

Wake It Up (E-40 feat. Akon) [192Kbps]

Year: 2008
Time: 00:11:15
1. Wake It Up (Acapella)
2. Wake It Up (Clean)
3. Wake It Up (Instrumental)

We Takin' Over (DJ Khaled feat. Akon, T.I., Rick Ross, Fat Joe, Birdman and Lil Wayne) [192Kbps]

Year: 2007
Time: 00:13:16
1. We Takin' Over (Clean)
2. We Takin' Over (Dirty)
3. We Takin' Over (Instrumental)

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