Autor: kvartamix
Data: 6 Sierpień 2010
Kategoria: Archiwum

Reallusion iClone PRO 4.2 (Eng) (2010)

Reallusion iClone PRO 4.2 (Eng) (2010) | 305 MB

Reallusion iClone 4 is a powerful tool for the production of motion-graphics, 3D animation and video compositing packages. New iClone 4.2 contains features that combine video production with 3D-animation of real time.

The annex has been prepared 3D-characters, as well as everything you need to create their virtual living space - clothes, props, scenery. In iClone is also a large library of motions that can be asked to characters. But the most interesting feature of the program - use of 3D-characters pictures of real people. This patented technology is used FaceTrix, transforming a photo in 3D.
The program interacts well with the editors of 2D-graphics, which simplifies editing patterns, and also supports the program 3ds Max or Maya, by which you can create a library of elements for the characters. All scenes can be visualized in real time based on topography, reflection and transparency.

The program checks for the correct serial number through the Internet connection.
Therefore, a firewall block it, or disable the Internet during installation.
In the program folder contains a file with a serial number, enter it and quietly run the program.

System requirements:
Platform: Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP (With Service Pack 2 or later)
Processor: 2 Ghz
Language: Eng
Crack: Present
Year: 2010


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