Data: 26 Lipiec 2010
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System Suite 9 Professional v9.0.4.41

System Suite 9 Professional v9.0.4.41 | 290MB

System Suite runs over 100 tests to uncover the problems that slow down your computer and fixes them so your computer runs like new again. Some programs fix just a handful of PC problems but don't find the problems that are plaguing your PC.

But SystemSuite is the most comprehensive product of its kind. With SystemSuite anyone can maintain, repair and protect their PC themselves. Identify and remove against viruses and spyware. Stop hackers and intruders, diagnose and fix Windows problems, recover lost data, protect against spam and email viruses, and much, much more! SystemSuite?s comprehensive feature set and one-click tune-up wizards enables you to repair any existing problem and defend against real-time security threats.

One-Click PC performance, clean up and security wizard solutions maintain, fix and repair your PC automatically
Runs over 100 tests to uncover problems that slow down your computer and fixes all of them
Speed your PC performance by defragmenting, cleaning, fixing and optimizing your Windows? registry
Internet Speed Optimizer
Optimize your PC for gaming, security, multimedia and office tasks
Windows Startup Manager
Automatically monitors the health, performance and security of your PC ensuring you are always protected
Credit Card Transaction Security
Two-way Personal Firewall
Anti-Spam Control
Fraud & Phishing Scam Prevention
Internet Cleanup
Active Intelligence Monitor
Windows Rescue Tools
Secure File Shredder

Internet Speed Optimizer - NEW!
The new Internet Speed tool accelerates browser, download and surfing speeds up to 80% for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

Windows Optimizer Tool ? NEW!
This new tool improves Microsoft Office Application security settings, Internet security settings, addresses registry vulnerabilities and cleans the printer queue. Microsoft Office and Internet browser have security flaws where hackers can send viruses and spyware through. SystemSuite fixes the security settings protecting you against attacks. Files that you want to print can get stuck in the printer queue. When this happens often the only way to get the file out is to restart your computer. SystemSuite removes the file(s) that are causing the printing problem without having to restart your computer.

Memory Optimizer Tool ? NEW!
SystemSuite optimizes the way Windows uses memory to improve system performance. (No stats on this ? but we are going to have some done.

Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware Engine
SystemSuite anti-virus and anti-spyware tools have add significant new security features to ensure you are always protect against the latest threats.
NEW! Rootkit Detection and Removal
NEW! Real Time Protection Shields
NEW! Behavior based malware identification

PC Diagnostics - IMPROVED
SystemSuite PC diagnostics have been improved to full support testing of hardware of Vista computers.

Temp File Cleaners ? IMPROVED
The temp file cleaners now feature an option to permanently shred the selected temp files. This improves the security of your PC by protecting you against any potentially malicious temp files.

Active Intelligence ? IMPROVED
SystemSuite Active Intelligence engine now monitors hard drive status, available disk space, hard drive fragmentation, registry errors, excess temp files and startup applications. SystemSuite enables users to reduce start up times by 25%, improve read-write performance by 20% and prevents data loss by identifying hard drive problems before they happen.

File Shredder Tool - IMPROVED
SystemSuite file shredder tool now features two additional options for securely shredding sensitive files and strengthening your protection against identity theft. Users can select 1, 3, 7 or 35 pass options. With increased wiping options, users can ensure their sensitive data is securely deleted from even the most aggressive file recovery software.

NEW DataVault Protects Your Confidential Data
SystemSuite stores and encrypts your sensitive personal and financial information, password and numbers. SystemSuite enables users to securely paste the data directly into Internet Explorer & Firefox web browsers preventing spyware from stealing your personal information. With SystemSuite you can log on to bank websites and email accounts or make a purchase online without having to keystroke your personal information.

Spyware use a keylogger to capture and record the keystrokes you enter on your keyboard. They can steal your identity, know your website passwords, record and then use your credit card information to make purchases illegally.

SystemSuite?s Data Vault ensures users will not have to type any personal or financial data into Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers. This greatly reduces the risk of your website passwords, credit card information or social security being stolen by spyware.

Securely encrypt and store:
Credit card information
User names
Social security numbers
And more!




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