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Passware Kit Enterprise 10.0 Build 1763 Retail

Passware Kit Enterprise 10.0 Build 1763 Retail | 43 MB

Passware software recovers or resets passwords for Windows, Word , Excel, QuickBooks, Access, Acrobat, and more than 150 document types. For the last 11 years Passware has been helping Fortune 500 corporations, worldwide police agencies, federal, state, and local government agencies, IT and forensic professionals, and tens of thousands of businesses and private users with their password problems. We are proud to have IRS, NASA, Boeing, Nokia, DOD, US Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, and others as our customers.

Passware Kit recovers all kinds of passwords for the world's most popular office application files, including Excel, Word, Windows XP/2000/NT, QuickBooks, Access, FileMaker, Outlook, Outlook Express, Exchange, WinZip, PKZip, ZIP, WinRAR, Network Connections, SQL, BestCrypt, OneNote, PowerPoint, VBA Visual Basic modules, 1-2-3, Internet Explorer, EFS - Encrypted File System, Acrobat, Quicken, Lotus 1-2-3, Lotus Notes, Lotus Organizer, Lotus WordPro, Quattro Pro, Backup, Project, MYOB, Paradox, ACT!, Mail, Schedule+, Money, WordPerfect, WordPro and more.

PASSWARE KIT BASIC - Keep this tool handy to recover forgotten passwords quickly whenever required. Passware Kit Basic combines 7 password recovery modules (for Word, Excel, Windows, websites, and more) and Encryption Analyzer.

PASSWARE KIT STANDARD - Quickly recover lost passwords for all popular applications used at home or in the office. Passware Kit Standard combines 14 password recovery modules (for MS Office, PDF, Windows, network connections, email accounts, Zip and RAR archives, and more) and Encryption Analyzer.

PASSWARE KIT PROFESSIONAL - Solve password problems for the most popular applications used in the small business environment. Passware Kit Professional combines 17 password recovery modules (for MS Office, PDF, QuickBooks, MS Money, Windows, email accounts, network connections, Zip and RAR archives, and more) and Encryption Analyzer.

PASSWARE KIT ENTERPRISE - Reduce time spent on recovering passwords and get more control over password and encryption usage in your corporate environment. Packed with 30+ password recovery modules, this version of Passware Kit is a complete password recovery solution for system administrators, IT professionals, and help desk personnel. Many types of passwords are recovered or reset instantly, while advanced acceleration methods are used to recover difficult passwords.

PASSWARE KIT FORENSIC - Quickly perform full target-computer analysis and get electronic evidence with detailed reports.
Passware Password Recovery Kit Forensic includes over 30 password recovery tools, Encryption Analyzer Professional, and Search Index Examiner to provide immediate password recovery for any protected file detected on a PC or over the network while scanning.

Key Features:

• All 30+ password recovery modules and Encryption Analyzer now combined in an all-in-one user interface

• Includes 5 Decryptum Credits for instant online decryption of MS Word and Excel files (up to version 2003)

• Multiple-core CPUs are now efficiently used to speed up the password recovery process

• 8 different attack types (and any combination of them) could be set up using a wizard or drag & drop attacks editor

• nVidia GPU (where available) is used to accelerate MS Office 2007 password recovery speed by 3500%

• Tableau TACC hardware accelerators are used to speed up the password recovery process by up to 25 times New!

• All recovered passwords are saved and ready to be reused on other files

• 30-day money-back guarantee

Benefits for IT Professionals:

• This complete password recovery solution provides corporate security administrators with the full control over employees’ computers and files. System administrators, IT professionals and help desk personnel can now get access to any business file whenever required. Many types of passwords are recovered or reset instantly, while advanced acceleration methods are used to recover difficult passwords.

Features of Passware Kit Enterprise:

• All-in-one password recovery for 150+ file formats

• Integrated Encryption Analyzer scans computers for password-protected items

• Resets passwords for Local and Domain Windows Administrators

• Instant online decryption of Word/Excel files 5 Decryptum Credits

• Multi-core CPUs acceleration

• GPU acceleration for MS Office 2007 files

• Basic password recovery attacks: Dictionary, Xieve, Brute-force, Known Password/Part, Previous Passwords

• Password modifiers supported (case changes, reversed words, etc.)

• Combination of attacks for passwords like "strong123password"

• Wizard for easy setup of password recovery attacks

New: Passware Kit Portable runs from a USB drive

Recover passwords without installing Passware Kit on a target PC. Passware Kit Portable now runs from a USB drive and finds encrypted files, recovers files and websites passwords without modifying files or settings on the host computer.
Passware Kit Portable is included in Passware Kit Forensic only.

New: Password recovery for RAR archives is now 25 times faster

Improve chances to recover RAR passwords — use of dedicated Tableau TACC hardware accelerator increases password recovery performance by 25 times. Passware Kit supports hardware acceleration for MS Office 2007 and RAR files.

New: Save, load, or share password recovery settings

Easy-to-use password recovery wizard and drag & drop attack editor allow effortless fine-tuning of the password recovery process. The settings can now be saved and used later for other files, or emailed to be used on a different computer.

New: Password recovery for new formats

Passware Kit recovers passwords for more than 150 file types and applications. The latest version adds support for MS SQL 2008 databases and MYOB 2009 files.

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