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Data: 19 Lipiec 2010
Kategoria: Archiwum

Guitar Pro 6.0.1 r7840 [fixed] 2010

Guitar Pro 6.0.1 r7840 [fixed] 2010 | 1.12 GB

Guitar Pro is first and foremost a software designed to edit tablatures for guitar, bass, and other fretted instruments from 4 to 8 strings.
Its great ease of use and the success of its specific file format have made it a software used by guitarists worldwide.
It now includes editing support for many other instruments like the piano or the drums, a realistic audio engine, and interactive tools to support every musician's practice

The procedure for treatment:
1. We put a Guitar Pro 6.0.1, next to which must lie Soundbanks.gpbank (if you want to install them at once). DO NOT RUN!
2. Copy the file GuitarPro.dat in c: \ Documents and Settings \ \ Application Data \ Guitar Pro 6 \ or C: \ Users \ \ AppData \ Roaming \ Guitar Pro 6 \ replacement.
If the folder does not exist - create it. To know exactly where it should be, once we start the program, but after the requirements of the code - are closing.
3. Adding to the registry file reg.reg (double click).
4. Replace the original file from the folder GuitarPro patched Patched Guitar Pro 6.0.1
5. Reboot.
6. Start the program.
7. Prevent it in net output.

Guitar Pro 6.0.1 r7840 [fixed] 2010

Guitar Pro 6.0.1 r7840 [fixed] 2010

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