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Data: 18 Lipiec 2010
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DataGuard AntiKeylogger Ultimate

DataGuard AntiKeylogger Ultimate | 15.99 MB

Genre: Program |Language: English |OS: Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP/ 2003 /Vista/ 7

DataGuard is anti-keylogger program that protects your data against all types of keylogging programs: known, unknown and even being developed right now. DataGuard is using cutting-edge heuristics methods to detect and to disable all types of keyloggers.
Unlike signature-based anti-spyware programs, DataGuard will protect your information:
Effectively, because the program doesn’t ask the user any questions, thus avoids from the possibility of human factor error (nevertheless, it provides flexible configuration for experienced users).

Fast, because user doesn’t have to wait until anti-virus database is updated, while the keylogger-containing virus steals sensitive private information.
Using fewer resources, because DataGuard needs no additional memory to store anti-virus database, or processor power to compare signature of every file user launches with thousands of signatures in the database.
Cheaper, because you don't have to pay for license prolongation annually as you will have to with many other anti-spy and anti-virus software products.

DataGuard stands out against a background of anti-spy software because of its unique features:

- Constant and transparent "on-the-fly" protection.

- No anti-virus signature database;

- Protection against keystroke logging;

- Protection against clipboard capturing;

- Protection against capturing text from opened documents and windows;

- Protection against hidden screen capturing;

- Protection against DirectX based keyloggers;

- Protection against kernel level keyloggers;

- Protection against keyboard filters;

Once installed, DataGuard will guard your privacy

1. immediately,

2. transparently,

3. constantly,

4. silently.

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