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Day Break S01 (2006) HDTVRip XviD

Day Break S01 (2006) HDTVRip XviD
HDTV | AVI | English | 00:41:00 | 608ő336 | 25fps | Xvid 1253Kbs | MP3 128Kbs | 350MBx13
Genre: Action | Drama | Crime | Thriller

American TV series "New Day" broadcast on ABC channel. This is an exciting series, in which all events are moving so rapidly that captivate the viewer from the first minutes. The plot is sort of the idea of a temporary loop, the essence of which overlaps with the movie "Groundhog Day". However, the series "New Day" - is quite a different picture.

Today, Detective Brett Hopper will be convicted for the murder of Assistant District Attorney Alberto Garza. He will be wholly alibi. He realizes that he was framed ... and let in run. In the morning he wakes up and everything will happen from the beginning, only this time - he would do differently. The events will be repeated until, until he finds out who framed him, and will not save their loved ones. In Hopper has one advantage - he remembers all the events of recent days ...

Name: Day Break
Released: 2006
Genre: TV series, Action, Drama, Crime, Thriller
Director: Rob Bowman, Bryan Spicer
Cast: Tay Diggz, Moon Bladgud, Victoria Pratt, Meta Golding, Ramon Rodriguez, Adam Baldwin, Michael MakGreydi, Joe Neeves, Mitch Pilledzhi, Ian Anthony Dale
Issued: USA


Day Break S01 (2006) HDTVRip XviD

Day Break S01 (2006) HDTVRip XviD

Day Break S01 (2006) HDTVRip XviD

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