Autor: xxvikxx
Data: 14 Lipiec 2010
Kategoria: Archiwum

AlterEgos 1.2

AlterEgos 1.2 | 145 MB

AlterEgos is a desktop PC software solution that allows you to increase the appeal, communication, memorability and effectiveness of your site, training materials, presentation or general media by embedding a fully animated compare. AlterEgos generates an industry standard video file that can be simply incorporated in minutes. You simply record your voice, or import a pre-recorded narration, select an AlterEgo and the software does the rest. When it comes to Rapid E-Learning AlterEgos is a perfect partner giving you the edge with your own personal Virtual Teacher.

As AlterEgos produces an industry standard video output, integrating into PowerPoint and other presentation tools is a simple process. Imagine the additional impact your presentation and training materials could have with a little "AlterEgos Magic".

Rapid E-Learning and CBT has a special place for AlterEgos, with the proven effectiveness of animated presenters and virtual teachers embedded within the educational content its never been easier to get your message across... even when its "Math"!

Ease of Use
You can have a complete composition on your website in a matter of minutes, with our easy to use Wizard driven interface, no expertise is required, AlterEgos does all the work for you automatically.

Loads of Choice
Presently we have over 80 characters, Male, Female, Fantasy & Animals, with more arriving every month. You can even dress them, change the backgrounds or use your own. AlterEgos can help make your site or media stand out from the crowd.

No running Costs
AlterEgos generates an industry standard video file (and player) so you have the flexibility to use it in whatever way you need, no hosting charges, no credit-clicks... no nasty suprises, so if you have 100 visitors a month or 100,000 AlterEgos are sitting on your site, you have total control.

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