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Autor: gerwertun
Data: 7 Lipiec 2010
Kategoria: Archiwum

Zoner Photo Studio 12 Professional Edition v12.0.1.98.
Zoner Photo Studio 12 Professional Edition v12.0.1.98. | 66.36 Mb

Zoner PhotoStudio - program, which is a complete set of tools that can be useful to the owner of digital cameras for storing and editing footage. One of the features of the program is to extract from the imagery data on the location of the photographer at the time of shooting and the ratio of these data with mapping software (eg, Google Maps or Google Earth)

In other words, when using the chamber, then the user on the virtual map can not find the place where the shot occurred, - the company claims that this is a unique feature of the product.Zoner Photo Studio is the new way to manage your photos. Have you ever bought photo software and found it's missing something? With Zoner Photo Studio 10, this will never happen. With Zoner Photo Studio 10 Professional you get an all-in-one photos program for every step from acquiring photos to readying them to organizing them to sharing them.Zoner Photo Studio is made for every user of digital cameras, scanners, and mobile devices. It contains everything you need for quality digital photo processing from start to finish: tools for downloading to your computer, for automatic and manual editing and defect correction in pictures, for easy photo management, and for sharing and publishing photos. Zoner Photo Studio is useful for beginners, advanced users, and experienced photographers, who can select one out of four different variants.Program Features Zoner Photo Studio:
Support for GPS:
Nautical GPS devices have become a regular feature of everyday life. Therefore, the program Zoner Photo Studio newly added support for assigning geographical coordinates of your photos with automatic connection with certain GPS devices and then displays in on-line and off-line maps. Photos, complemented by precise localization, receive regular benefits, which will assess not only tourists but also the employees of companies and organizations that work with cameras in the field.
Web Galerie:
There are many special programs for creating web galleries HTML, but Zoner Photo Studio includes this feature in the basic price of versions of Home and Professional. You can very easily create a gallery of HTML, using a visual wizard with automatic generation, according to pre-formatted templates. You need not possess any information about the program code sites but, despite this, you can quickly and effortlessly create a well-designed site with your photos. At the established set of HTML images can be immediately viewed in the browser, save it to disk or directly write to the desired address via FTP.
Batch operations:
Zoner Photo Studio - is a very powerful tool for batch processing of images and repetitive actions. The ability of programs to handle photos in groups evaluate each user, which handles a large number of photos. Nightmare - handle, for example, 500 photographs taken during the holidays, becomes a pushover.
Digital photography without barriers:
Zoner Photo Studio - a tool that securely hold the user through all stages of the management and processing digital photos: receiving, editing, archiving and publication. The best solution is "all in one" gives the user exceptional comfort during operation without having to constantly move from one program to another.
Support all types of digital cameras (USB Mass Storage and Canon), scanning via TWAIN, downloading images from websites, advanced screen capture and transfer data from the clipboard. Convert ( "call") format Canon RAW (CRW).
Professional stylized photographic tool
All to improve your photos and removing image defects:

Editing exposure with levels and curves, color editing, sharpening, clarifying the shadows, remove red-eye reduction, noise reduction and chromatic defects, correction of barrel and prospects, the alignment of the horizon and converging lines, retouching tools - clone stamp, utyuzhok, brush and shading, rotation, and cut, batch operations with photos.
Do magic with images
Effective Editing photos:

translated into shades of gray, color effects, explosions, oil painting, old photo, add grain, drawing waves and others. Framework, envelopes, soft shadows, transparencies, and other edge. Managing digital archive
* Full RAW processing
* A wide array of edits and effects for photo enthusiasts
* HDR, panoramas, and even a 3D photo maker
* Convenient, time saving batch operations
* Quick picture organizing
* Support for GPS map data
* A fresh, user-defined interface
* Easy and direct web publishing
* Templates for calendars, contact lists, and more
* DVD and PDF slideshows
Take control of your digital photos with Zoner Photo Studio. Acquiring photos from your camera, your scanner, and even your screen has never been easier. Have fun organizing and browsing through your digital memories. With Zoner Photo Studio, you'll be editing and personalizing your photos with special effects and even advanced functions like HDR processing. Wow your family and friends with 3D photos and impressive panoramas! Process RAW files conveniently and easily with an interface designed specially for photo enthusiasts.
Whether you are sharing pictures with your family and friends or publishing to a web gallery, Zoner Photo Studio has the tools for you. Many options are available to help you organize and store your photos on external drives, DVDs, and other media. You'll benefit from full support for SSE and MMX processor technologies and powerful multi-core processors. 48-bit color depth ensures you get the highest photo quality, and the color management support is outstanding!
Zoner Photo Studio helps you take control of your photos. Acquire pictures from your camera, organize your archive, and edit and share your photos-it's never been easier!
Complete list of features [PDF]:
[Only Registered Users Can See Links. Click Here To Register...]
What's New in Zoner Photo Studio 12?
Zoner Photo Studio is a complete toolbox for managing and processing digital photos.
The latest version, Zoner Photo Studio 12, includes a revamped interface that makes your work faster and easier, an expanded, professional module for processing RAW files, improved features for sorting and searching large photo archives, a reworked panoramas wizard, tools for easy transformations of pasted pictures, and many more new features.
The New Interface
Experienced Zoner Photo Studio users will immediately notice the new color scheme: the darker colors make it easy to concentrate on photos themselves. However, 4 alternative color schemes are also available. A deeper change is the division of Zoner Photo Studio into four modules-the Manager, the Viewer, the Editor, and RAW, which can be opened as tabs within the main window. This new system helps make work with photos easier and more efficient.
* The new Modules (Manager, Viewer, Editor, and RAW). Each one is open here as one tab in the main window.
* The new dark look ... and the new option to choose from among a total of five different looks.
RAW Processing
For users who take pictures in RAW, high-quality RAW processing with a wide range of possible edits is the foundation for a superb final output. To serve this part of our user base, we've prepared the new RAW module, with sections for work with exposure, white balance, sharpening, the histogram curve, noise reduction, rotation, HDR, color correction, and grayscale conversion. You will also now find a reworked and optimized system for creating RAW previews, plus the new file queue-you can enter conversion settings for individual files and then run RAW conversion on the whole queue at once.
* The all-new RAW processing module, in a tab by itself.
* The RAW module's optimized preview creation system.
* RAW conversion queue.
* RAW conversion is more customizable than ever.
Easier Work with Large Collections
Users with very large or unsorted photo collections will adore the new Catalog function, which "virtually" sorts photos by the year, month, and day they were taken, while still leaving the actual photo files in their original locations. It's also an easy way to browse and process photos from a time period of your choice without needing to care about where the photos reside. Work with large photo archives is also easier than ever thanks to the greater ease of quick searches, reloadable search criteria, and easy repeat searches.
* The Catalog function, for work with all the photos from a given period, no matter where they are.
* Searching in large photo archives is now quicker than ever.
* Reloadable search criteria and easy repeat searches.
Work with Documents
Users who frequently work with postscript documents will definitely appreciate the program's new ability to thumbnail PDF, EPS, and PS documents, with the help of the freely available program Ghostscript. There are also several more useful features in this area, including the ability to acquire pictures from PDF documents.
Thumbnailing for PDF, EPS, and PS documents.
The new function for acquiring pictures from PDF.
More and more users want panoramas as mementos of their holiday trips, but it's not always possible to take the ideal source pictures for a panorama. The panoramas wizard has been rebuilt from the ground up, to give better results than before no matter what you start from ... but especially if you start from "difficult" photos.
* The completely reworked panoramas wizard.
Photo processing requires more processor power every year, so advanced optimization for multi-core processors is becoming more important than ever. This optimization is most evident in the latest version when you are processing RAW files.
Advanced optimization for multi-core processors.
Transforming Pasted Pictures
Another attractive new feature is advanced image pasting. Pasting pictures or selections from pictures is easier than ever thanks to tabs. And once a picture has been pasted, you can rotate it, resize it, or otherwise transform it, right on top of its final destination. When using the Paste Image and Paste Text tools, you can also now easily give the pasted material a shadow.
* The Paste Image tool - freely transform what you pasted.
* A shadow for a pasted object in the layer settings for the Paste Image and Paste Text tools.
New Ways to Get Creative
Digital photography practically begs for trying out new tricks with edits and effects. The latest version of Zoner Photo Studio now lets users "play" with the Droste Effect (a special type of picture that repeats inside itself), a Soft Contours effect, color shifting, and two new ways to share a photo: as a "postage stamp "and as a puzzle ... even as one with missing pieces!
* The Droste Effect-a special kind of picture that repeats inside itself.
* The Soft Contours effect.
* The Color Shifting effect.
* The new Postage Stamp and Puzzle publishing options.
And much more ...
* Savable presets for Editor tools.
* Improved Information panel, with more editable information than before.
* New file-selection types: landscape only and portrait only.
* A new way to acquire pictures: Acquire via JPEG Extraction.
* New Random Order playback option for slideshows.
* Selection can now be moved with arrow keys for easier fine-tuning.
* Improved path box in the Browser.
* Reworked color picker window.


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