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Data: 5 Lipiec 2010
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DoubleCAD XT PRO 2.1 (2010)(Eng)

DoubleCAD XT PRO 2.1 (2010)(Eng) | 152 MB

DoubleCAD XT PRO - Professional enhanced version of the popular analog package AutoCAD LT. The program is perfect for the most demanding task of building designs and accurate, detailed two-dimensional drawings.

With this package DoubleCAD XT users can open and edit files in DWG, including elements of walls and structures in the format ADT (AutoCAD Architectural Desktop). In addition, this package supports automatic alignment blocks binding of priority items, the editor of the hands and intelligent means of measurement of parts in the drawing. In addition to tools, repetitive AutoCAD LT, DoubleCAD XT package contains many tools that can greatly accelerate the work with the drawings. Users can create special lines, circles and arcs on a tangent, perpendicular and parallel to existing lines. Powerful editing tools allow you to work with drawings quickly and efficiently.

"A complete set of tools for 2D drawing and selection
"The usual working environment CAD
"Additional manual editing
"The use of specific styles of brushes, bitmap backgrounds, transparency and layers
"A clever tool measurement and tool speed measurement
ť3D view and Ortho species
"Import files from Google SketchUp
"Support DWF and DWG
"Creating and editing XREF'ov from many formats
ťADT-compatible architectural objects
"Manager of the parametric parts (2D/3D)

Insert the 4 key in the order of the query:

DoubleCAD XT v2:
Serial Number: GY30-9081-4050-2011
Activation Code: 092B-CA0C-E045-6805

DoubleCAD XT Pro v2 features:
Serial Number: GV50-2170-4040-4171
Activation Code: 8FEA-4215-68E6-AB35

System requirements:
Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor: 2 Ghz
Language: Eng
Crack: Present (key)
Year: 2010


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