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Chronos e-StockCard v3 Business

Chronos e-StockCard v3 Business | 140 MB

Chronos e-StockCard v3 Business is the latest and newly launch product to be added to the Chronos e-StockCard family for small and medium businesses. It consists of Sales, Purchasing & Inventory for a full comprehensive control on their inventory movement from purchasing until invoicing.
Chronos e-StockCard comes in a joint of compact version of Warehouse Management System (WMS) as well. It assists the storekeepers to Put and Pick their goods in a more efficient and accurate manner. Nevertheless, it is capable in assisting the operator to manage their inventory easily. The Free Edition comes with limitations and the major one are users can only store up to 100 Codes (80 Items + 10 Suppliers + 10 Customers), 100 Locations, Standalone Installation, etc.

- Manage Customers Information
- Create Sales Quotations
- Track and Issue Sales Orders
- Issue Picking List, Delivery Orders and Invoices
- Manage Suppliers Information
- Issue Purchase Orders to Suppliers
- Record Goods Receiving from Suppliers
- Issue Purchase Payments to Suppliers
- Manage Incoming & Outgoing Stocks
- Stock Editing
- Transfer Stock
- Stock Check or Cycle Counting
Easy to Use
- Get started in minutes
- Simple yet effective User-Graphic-Interface (GUI)
- Easy setup with step-by-step wizards
- Intuitive tutorial provided
User Configurable Settings to Suit Your Processes
- User configurable screen layout (do-it-yourself)
- Easy to import setting data from Microsoft Excel and etc.
- Easy to add new settings "On-the-Fly" - Item Code, Customer, Supplier and etc.
- 2D/3D view for location bin settings
Increase Profits
- Improve customers satisfaction with timely delivery
- Easy to track sales order fulfillment and payment collection
- Expedite conversion of Sales Quote to Customer Invoice
- Improve purchasing, quality receiving and stocking efficiency
- Maximize profits with least purchasing cost via Item Profitability Analysis
- Achieve higher inventory turn
Reduce Costs
- Easy to monitor inventory aging in detail
- Maximize space utilization
- Self configurable printing documents
- Maximal software benefits with minimal hardware requirements
- Proven software technology with minimal cost of ownership
Better Inventory Control
- Track items in detail - Serial No., Lot No., Batch No. and etc
- Improve shelf-life control - First-In-First-Out (FIFO) approach
- Built-in unique picking rules to improve delivery efficiency
- Get the right item / location in seconds
- Easy to set picture for item identification
- Integrated barcode technology to minimize errors
- Easy to perform Cycle Counting any time, any item, anywhere
- Increase stock accuracy and accountability
- Increase store / warehouse management efficiency
Powerful Analytical Tools
- Powered with more than 60 reports
- Get real time inventory information in seconds
- Embedded 80/20 Rule in Inventory Analysis
- Easy to analyze profitable or high revenue items
- Easy to monitor latest item pricing among different suppliers
- Flexible and customizable reporting tools to meet your company's needs
- Export reporting data into multiple formats (Excel, Words, HTML, PDF, Text, RTF etc)
Powerful Alert / Early Detection System
- Auto email alert for stocks reaching maximum / minimum / re-order point
- Auto triggering user before stocks expiry
- User configurable Alerts based on needs
More Features
- Multi-company identities
- Multi UOM conversion
- Support multiple locations and warehouses
- Robust and expandable Microsoft SQL database
- Easy data archive and restore with step-by-step wizards
- Easy import/export data with step-by-step wizards
- Secured user privileges control

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