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Data: 29 Czerwiec 2010
Kategoria: Archiwum

Windows XP SP3 lwgame Azure (Sunshine Wind) SATA / RAID

Microsoft Windows XP SP3 lwgame Azure (Sunshine Wind) SATA / RAID | 635 Mb

Microsoft Windows lwgame Azure (Sunshine Wind) represents a new class of desktop operating system made for users and for users . Unlike server build nCore can welcome system . admins , Windows Azure is designed for ordinary people , who need a working OS after installation. Microsoft Windows Azure differs optimally balanced performance and stability , and also includes all official updates as to the safety, as well as members of the operating system software , so you can not worry about the vulnerability of the system.

Microsoft Windows Azure (Sunshine Wind) – includes a revolutionary package WinStyle 2010 introduce the modified interface OS made by taking into *** the human visual perception . With it, work becomes easier and more pleasant . Also it is very important – a package corrects errors Microsoft ( inonki distorted , garbled conversations, dialogues in English, etc.)

Features and Differences from other assemblies OS :
- Includes updates on 20 June 2010
- built-in tools for diagnosis and resuscitation computer
- Fully automatic installation process
- The system immediately after the installation is ready to work
- Work even on slower computers
- The disc can be recorded on regular CD disc
- Integrated set of drivers for SCSI, SATA, RAID controllers
- Integrated interface package WinStyle 2010
- Windows Sidebar 6.0.6002.1800
- Microsoft Update 7.4.7600.226
- Microsoft. NET Framework Lite
- Microsoft Visual C Extreme Pack 2010
- Internet Explorer 8
- Windows Media Player 11
- Movie Maker 2.6
- DirectX June 2010
- Adobe Flash Player 10.1
- Shockwave Player 11
- Silverlight 4
- Java SE JRE v1.6.0.20
- Included TCPP 2010 for easy installation of applications on the deployed OS
- Additional icons in the control panel for operation and testing of
- Package of additional system libraries ( you will have to work almost all third-party applications )
- Aero cursors and sounds
- Unlocker can help unlock the ” busy ” applications
- Arhivtor WinRar 3.93 will immediately remove the right of the archives
- Works great Windows Update
- High security
- Excellent stability
- Stability under load
- Support format exFAT
- Disable the SFC and DEP at the OS level
- Excellent performance
- Many minor fixes and improvements
- All wallpapers from the design studio MassiveAttack

Install to a formatted system disk . Install OS over the old is not recommended .

Checksums ISO image:
MD5: 2BBED5F240EC571F2FD766A358878889
SHA-1 : 14BC300FFF684C1A3AFD02A4B64F3913D3BCD392

Version : lwgame Azure
Version build: 5.1.2600.5512
Core Version : 5.1.2600.5938
Platform: PC x86 ( 32 -bit)
Made in the database: Windows XP Pro VL SP3 Rus
Language : Multilanguage
System requirements : Standard
Developer : LWGAME (Free World)
Design : MassiveAttack
Release Date: June 20, 2010
Tablet : No
Size: 635 Mb


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Aby zobaczyć ukryty tekst musisz być zalogowany, jeżeli nie masz konta zarejestruj się!

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