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Data: 25 Czerwiec 2010
Kategoria: Archiwum

NTI Ninja

NTI Ninja | 59 Mb
NTI Ninja is exciting software that maximizes data protection by using a driver level encryption technology to create private and public partitions on USB storage devices. Ninja allows you to easily access and share commonly used data on the public partition, while simultaneously restrict and hide access to confidential data on the private partition of your drive... What You Do With Ninja, Stays with Ninja!

Key Features:
* Creates a public partition & a private hidden partition on any USB storage device
* Encrypts and password-protects your private partition
* User selects the amount of workspace for each partition
* Supports FAT, FAT32, NTFS, and includes a Quick Format option
* Automatically detects & prompts you for your password when you plug in your USB device
* Includes a password Hint when you need it
* NEW - Easily change the password without reformatting

Key Benefits:
* Safeguards your data from theft and unwanted access
* Keeps common data fully sharable & portable while hiding your private data
* Great for students, business road warriors, and all users of USB drives
* Works with USB flash drives, micro drives, external hard disk drives & more!
* Great for protecting homework, confidential reports, journals, financial Information - even those treasured photos from Vegas!
* Installs fast - Intuitive interface makes Ninja easy to use


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