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Data: 17 Czerwiec 2010
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CyberLink PowerDirector v8.00 Build 2013 Ultra - Deluxe

CyberLink PowerDirector v8.00 Build 2013 Ultra - Deluxe | 233 Mb

More powerful and even faster, CyberLink PowerDirector 8 offers more video enhancement and editing tools, designer tools and more timeline tracks to let you create great videos. Spice up your projects too by downloading any of the 13,000+ free effects and templates already uploaded to DirectorZone by PowerDirector users.
Video Upscaling and Fixing
A host of new tools and technologies are designed to save editing time and improve your video quality. Leveraging PowerDVD video enhancing TrueTheater technology, PowerDirector delivers HD-like results from standard definition content by upscaling video resolution, smoothing out playback in slow motion and enabling virtual surround sound.
With easy-to-use settings, PowerDirector TrueTheater technologies fix common video shooting errors such as extreme backlighting, poor white balance, and inadequate lighting.

Pro Results
PowerDirector 8 suite of design tools—for creating titles, animated objects, and disc menus—now offers a Particle Effects Designer, letting you experiment with movie-like special effects. As with PowerDirector other design tools, particle effects can be uploaded and shared with other users on DirectorZone, PowerDirector community website.
Enjoy working with more editing tools such as Reverse, Crop, Speed and Rotate video tools. For precise trimming, retain frame-level control with the patented Zoom-In Cut.
While the expanded 16-track timeline offers more creative possibilities including the ability to cut and paste sequences to other parts of your production.

Faster Performance
he first consumer video editing software to be optimized for Intel Core i7, NVIDIA CUDA, and ATI Stream technology, PowerDirector delivers up to 5X faster performance for rendering effects and transcoding videos, with vastly improved editing and previewing speeds.

Shared Creativity
Ever wonder how home movies achieve memorable effects Now you can by viewing other users timelines and even sharing your own on This unique glimpse into others creative approaches is a remarkable learning tool, offering incredible insight for your own projects.
PowerDirector unique open editing experience also lets you share special effects, video editing secrets, and a chance to learn from other users. Download, upload, and share an unlimited amount of effects, DVD menus, particle effects, and PiP objects via DirectorZone.

Ways To Show And Tell
Video editing software, PowerDirector, provides direct HD video uploading to Facebook andenabling easy sharing on today s most popular social networks and video blogging sites.
Or enjoy your finished movie in HD at home by producing Blu-ray Discs or AVCHD discs in high-definition resolution. If it is mobility you are after, you can produce playback files for your iPhone, iPod, or PSP.


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